One thing never stops, blaming The Dutch for wanting to Save Our Souls, one of two blogs

I hear the blameful statements repeatedly. Last night the MinPres reiterated in her press conference appearance that on that fateful Sunday, the Dutch surprisingly sprung a 280-page document on her, listing conditions, like she was expecting the third tranche=slice, as manna from heaven, no strings attached.

What perplexes me is how beloved GOA first ruined our economy over the last 30 years and then actively blocks reform and assistance offered freely and abundantly.  Doing it over and over again and expecting different results.

In last night’s address she struck her usual calming, assertive and reassuring tone. She pulls it out of her hat, easily.

She reported continued negotiations regarding our Financial Situation. Apparently, that famous counter-proposal was sent, in response to the second Dutch proposal.

Delay, delay. Can kicked down the street.  

In the counter-proposal Aruba disputes the deadline imposed on salary reform for top state-owned company executives. Aruba needs more time, to inform our pampered, over-paid brooms, that from now on they will be getting 12 salaries a year, instead of 18.

Aruba had asked for consideration of its own masterplan, quilted together by more than 125 volunteers, local experts in their filed, who worked for 8 to 10 weeks during the pandemic, on suggesting much-needed structural-changes to the way we do business. All I can say, is the following:

Too many cooks, salt the soup.

And…. taking advice is smart. The Dutch country-administration is true and tried, our own quilt, motley and experimental.

Think FASE Vs. SVB.

The island also wanted more say in the sale of shares in state-owned Setar, Web, Elmar, Arubus – BTW, yesterday, the big yellow monstrosities still ran empty in Noord. Of course, it is self-understood, GOA is determined to maintain the status quo, but I am reminding you all that the sale of assets is a proven strategy, when crawling out from under debt.

Like we have a choice?

The increase of pension age, is also contested. One of my friends wrote to me yesterday, from Switzerland, reminding me Europe just concluded its own economic summit, attempting to rebuild economies ravaged by Covid19.

He says: “Italy, like Spain, France and other Mediterranean countries, in the past decades didn’t institute any reforms to reduce their debts. Other countries did, like the Netherlands, asking a lot of sacrifices from its citizens, pensions for example, working till 67 years of age, both male and female, and cutbacks everywhere. That’s why the Dutch won’t grant recovery funds as GIFTS because that would be unfair and disrespectful towards their own population. Small Holland stood on its principles towards the big EU, big Holland stands on its principles towards small Aruba.”

Meaning, if they can tighten the belt, so can we.

From what I understood dollarization of our economy is out of question, though managing our own currency via a Central Bank, is an expensive exercise, but so-called essential to the mythical charade, or make-believe of autonomy.

Another dispute focuses on RFT vs. LAFT, operating in the future under Dutch law, versus Aruba’s law. This is a complex issue, I know nothing about, but I do know that LAFT, emptied our pockets and brought us to the brink of destruction over the last thirty years, so personally I am willing to give RFT a chance.

For seven years?

Sure, why not. Presumably, the cycle of satisfaction / dissatisfaction is seven years long, not only in interpersonal relationships, but in business, too.

According to the MinPres, there is also a disagreement regarding the new entity, that would be created by the Dutch, a kind of Triumvirate or Board of Overseers, for lack of another description, who will help monitor the use of public funds.

Will it render parliament superfluous, unnecessary?

I say why not. Our rubber stamp parliament has never been able to effectively reign the executive branch in, let someone else try!

The document describing all misgiving will be made public after its official discussion, and just before I had the time to protest the confidentiality, the MinPres reminded me she is as transparent as possible.

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July 23, 2020
Rona Coster