One Happy Vaccinated Island and about the vaccine

I got mail: Loved your idea. MinTVS is also totally behind it.

I tried to convey unsuccessfully, that this should be priority #1 and not a half-baked effort, nor leave it only to GOA. Must be a national effort to win this battle.

If I were AHATA, ATA or GOA I would move all my contacts in the world, public and private — many local powerful people with great connections, you know who they are, developers, financiers, should be recruited help …. I’m sure, they are willing to get on a plane to go visit Pfizer, Astrazeneca, Moderna and the World Health Organization, whatever it takes, and NOT come back until Aruba gets the 20k or 30k vaccines we need to gain the competitive advantage, to be the first and only Covid19 free Caribbean Island.

We are at war against Covid19 to save the economy, and need BOLD measures.

Also, GOA/DVG should immediately require residents returning to the island, to test.

We all know only very few people follow quarantine when returning and it is the main source of infection.

No time for politics. It Is the time for strong leadership. My two cents!

About the vaccines

The above mail is a result of a report that indeed the sub-zero refrigerators are here, but how many vaccines are heading our way is still a mystery!

The Dutch will decide how many to allocate to the islands, and that number has not been disclosed yet. I heard 5,000 which is a drop in the bucket, it will cover our first responders in healthcare and law enforcement, also some elderly, and nada mas, as 5,000 vaccines, do not go a long way on an island of 120,000 residents, which to achieve herd immunity must vaccinate 70% of its population, 84,000 residents, which could be done in a relatively short time, if well organized.

The vaccines range in price from $12 to $30, so we’re not talking about a fortune, but at this point of the game Pfizer, Astrazeneca & Moderna are only talking to countries, not to mini Caribbean nations.

I understand that the Chinese version with a 50% effectiveness will be widely distributed in Brazil. No thank you!

I read on the WHO website that they believe that everyone, everywhere who could benefit from safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines should have access as quickly as possible, starting with those at highest risk of serious disease or death. The Who is currently helping guide the ALLOCATION and PRIORITIZATION of populations to receive COVID-19 vaccines.

Besides allocating vaccines, and prioritizing recipients the WHO says it aims to ensure that successful COVID-19 vaccines and treatments are shared equitably across all countries, in a kind of global collaboration

We need to get on their radar screen!

All countries, WHO reiterates, should receive doses in proportion to their population size to immunize the highest-priority groups. In the second phase, vaccines would continue to be deployed to all countries so that additional populations can be covered according to national priorities.


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January 15, 2021
Rona Coster