On the Lookout for New Places

The food court at Hyatt Place received a recent visit from us. Nice, civilized parking, and if you leave your car there, you pay Awg 100, instead of Awg 75 at the airport, for ‘a lost ticket,’ but your car has a roof over its precious head with more protection from the elements.

The ‘lost ticket’ feature comes in handy when you abandon your car to enjoy a short weekend away.

Two eateries were open at the food court, Little Jerusalem and Bowls. We stopped at both, the diet police will have to forgive that infraction.

At Little Jerusalem, everything was very tasty, from Falafel to Baba Ganoush, Lamb Shawarma and Kibbe, washed down with Sauvignon Blanc, on the house.

At Bowls, the Sobe noodle stir fry was delicious, and the Nutella Wonton with ice cream, I’d better not talk about it. Yummy.

The Italian outlet showed signs it was opening, but then it changed its mind. We would have added a slice of pizza to the mix.

The chef at Little Jerusalem is skinny, which is a good sign, and friendly. It’s a family business, and the style of cuisine is Lebanese. The family also own silver jewelry stores at the hotels. The food is served in take-out boxes, the environmental ones. We would have preferred to have it nicely plated for the wow effect.

Bowls is a local business too, by a Food & Beverage professional who decided to branch out on his own.

We’ll be back. We hope next time to have the price of parking included or waved.   


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February 08, 2020
Rona Coster