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15.000 patients without house doctors

Dr. Veringa sent me a WhatsApp from Bonaire, where he relocated after closing his practice in San Nicolas.

He talked about it for a long time.

He described the pressure, the immense workload the unkind AZV setting and finally when his agreement expired he packed his stethoscope and left to Bonaire where he was offered more favorable conditions.

So here we are, two veteran doctors from Noord, retired.

One left to Spain.

Two others were unhappy, and relocated after 6 years.

One or two left to Bonaire.

We now have 15.000 patients without caring house doctors.

AZV knew, but did not handle it well, my sources say, their agreements were sloppily written and their negotiation skilled failed. They knew this was coming, yet were unable to come up with a good solution.

They should have asked the good people at SVB to help them out, because SVB has its act together!

Coming to think about it, its the same personality now at the helm of both organizations, and SBV will have to bail out AZV if the liquidity support from the Dutch dries out in October. But that is money dedicated to replace lost income with sickness and fund retirement, and it should be handled with care.


A world without WhatsApp or how the mighty have fallen

That must have been the world’s BEST-orchestrated hack, taking down the almighty Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, and it did expose the sad reality that we are super-dependent on technology.

We knew, but not to the extent of being enslaved to it.

Because Messenger is no competition to WhatsApp

Was it a coincidence that 60-minutes aired an interesting whistleblower interview with a former Facebook employee the night before? She stated the tech giant surrounds us, rather immerses us in controversy and division to increase its bottom line.

Then the following day the platforms go dark.

I am not a conspiracy theorist but I am turning into one.

No need, engineering at FB published a mea culpa, it was their own fault they said.

Update about the October 4th outage




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October 05, 2021
Rona Coster