Ode To Setar

My Setar Cable/Internet bill arrived this week, Awg 360.

Wow, that is a huge amount. For what?

I went to www.speedtest.net, and measured download 184Mbs / upload 19Mbs.

I think I must rethink my relationship with this service provider.

In recent days, we all noticed that Setar has been less than fantastic, so I asked around and one of my friends writes:

The state of Telecom facilities provided to the residents of Aruba is inadequate. If you download the app Cellmapper.net from the relevant store, create an account, it will show you the cell phone towers capable of 3g/LTE on Aruba.

Whether it is Digicel or Setar.

You will note that there are only 3g towers south of the airport.

You will notice that all LTE/4g towers run from the airport north to the Ritz Carlton, then there is a repeater station for Tierra del Sol.

This means that 95% of residents have NO access to the much hyped LTE and upcoming 5g. It is obvious that the HOTELS have both Digicel and Setar communications available. For use of the tourists.

Now I humbly ask where does the revenue come from on a daily basis? From shops, local business and residential use, where not one iota of consideration is given.

No LTE south of the airport.

No LTE to the residents of Aruba.

Where is the money going?

Who has designed and approved the siting of the towers for Aruba.

The very best a household in Aruba – except mine because I pay extra, extra — has just a plain old telecom system, which delivers a paltry 10Mbs to the community.

And they charge a bundle

And market heavily to the locals but do not deliver the service, so we cannot use our devices to their full potential.

Perhaps it is a blessing, I say. I just saw the Social Dilemma on Netflix, which I pay separately because my expensive cable services only offer antiquated reruns TV. We just watched a few Everybody Loves Raymond, from 1996, over dinner. I loved Ray.  


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September 25, 2020
Rona Coster