An article in Awemainta this week explained that Alto Comisario Hoo, our highest Police official cleared the name of Alto Inspector Gino Winklaar from false accusations.

The article went on to say that on October 27th, 2017, GW was involved in an accident on his way home to Turibana. At the time he was Police Chief in Noord and I sang his praises for being so communicative, and available to the hotels, and open to tourism in general. I was impressed by how he handled the first attempts at reintroducing law and order to our beaches. He also conducted a spectacular Easter week raid and ticketed all infraction, for the first time ever – as long as I remember.

His style wasn’t sexy, but it was effective.

He even dragged me in for questioning at the station, for some reaction I received to an article I wrote, but I am not dazzled by bureaucracy. 

Anyway, back to the accident: He passed an alcohol test, and was found clean with 0.0 blood alcohol, HOWEVER, some mean and vindictive blue entity wrote a negative report and GW found himself packing his comfy desk in the station in Noord, relegated to exile in Siberia, St Nicolas, where he proceeded to clean up, literally, what he called a Hoarders Paradise, and allowed families to clean up lockers and desks of servicemen who passed away years ago, whose personal effects were never turned over.

Even the ACs felt chipper, in a clean environment, and started cooling better with less clutter and more free air flow, according to the media. 

NEVERTHELESS, the negative report lingered on, its writer climbed up the ranks and enjoyed a promotion, and GW continued to argue his case. Finally, now, after a long and exhausting process, justice prevailed and Alto Comisario Hoo had the honor of writing a letter explaining it was all a terrible mistake, unfounded, baseless accusations, basically gossip, so sorry we almost aborted your career!

I guess god was wearing PJs, at the time of the accident, but it turned out he wasn’t sleeping, and now we all know, the report was a fabrication, end of story.

(Not that it didn’t happen before, we unfortunately had some pretty spectacular accidents involving inebriated officials-in-blue, in the past years, even a fatal one.)

I now have a million questions, but I can’t find answers.

The whole story is odd.

How does something like that happen?

Gossip is my business. Why are Police reports infringing on my turf?

How could a negative report be accepted by the top tier, if it is proclaimed false for 16 months, and where were the Union leaders? Aren’t they supposed to fight the good fight for our hard-working men in uniforms?

Now, that I aired my questions, we might get answers.


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March 02, 2019
Rona Coster