Nos Norma y Balornan, our norms & values

I don’t know why I was bothered by the news that our diligent Chief of Police went personally to the Cruise Ship Terminal, on Monday, to talk to visitors, members of an LGBTQ community on board the Valiant Lady, to ask them to respect our norms and values.

This chief works hard, and we appreciate his efforts. He looked formidable in his formal uniform, shiny buttons, snow-white aiguillette – the shoulder braids, loaded epaulettes, the cap shading his eyes, salt & pepper beard. The man is a picture of authority, and he decided to use it, to prevent possible offensive behavior, perhaps potential nudity on our beaches, or any bit of mischief, the island might inspire.

He went down to the Cruise ship Terminal to prevent what we saw last time, partially exposed body parts, extra frolic in the waves, which is reportedly against our norms and values.

Which values & norms?

Driving under the influence, running gray water into the public domain, renting out A-plate cars, leaving trash on beaches, dumping illegally, leading a long column of UTVs down the street when the maximum allowed including leader, is much shorter. Are these in line with our norms and values?

I had the feeling that the Chief of Police was talking to his own community, the Aruban community, all of us, the complete rainbow, trying to prevent mal comportacion, misbehavior, this long weekend. He gave the press a detailed interview about the need to adhere to norms and values, and I felt like he was talking to us.

We need to be reminded of our norms and values every day.

(And by the way, I remember when the Bucuti Beach, was the designated topless zone, and the sky didn’t fall.)

And I agree with those who said we must be inclusive and tolerant of a small manifestation, in from of the plaza. I hope dignitaries read the placards and internalized their messages. The protesters told the truth. And truth is within our norms and values.

And I agree with those who said there is no value in flying the biggest flag ever made in St Cruz, at the MEP headquarters, on Flag & Anthem Day. How do we promote humility this way? I thought we were a humble people.

FYI: The Virgin Voyages ship, a sister to the Scarlet Lady, launched in spring 2022, it is an adult ship, with little day time activities, and an active night life.

Later this month a Poker Tournament takes over the ship, but they are not coming here.


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March 19, 2024
Rona Coster