Nikki Simmons is the champion of the decade

dsc05993Nikki Simmons, Top Salesperson for 2008, also earned a very special additional award, that of the 10th consecutive year champion!

Nikki has successfully worked for the largest timeshare group on Aruba, says Mark Steward, Vice President Sales & Marketing for Divi Resorts, and to be able to achieve and maintain the “#1” salesperson position for 10 consecutive years is a true testament to Nikki’s amazing knowledge, charm and stick-to-it-tive-ness.

We are proud to have Nikki as part of our elite sales team, he adds, her drive and determination to succeed are an inspiration to us all. Divi Resort is blessed with a tremendous amount of new inventory, with the opening of the new Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach towers, and with team players such as Nikki, that will make the next 10 years of sales very exciting.

We met up with Nikki in the sales office, in the clubhouse of Divi Links, where Nikki posed for her award with members of management, Christy Garrido, Paula Smith and Maria Esquera, showing off her spectacular award and an elegant piece of jewelry presented to her as a token of appreciation.

As a major in economics at the University of Toronto Nikki came to Aruba on vacation in 1998 and found that she liked everything about the people and the place. She settled on the island and started growing where she was planted.

Divi Resorts offered Nikki an excellent position in its vacation-ownership division three minutes into her initial interview. The charismatic lady returned the favor by quickly becoming a top producer of over 4 million dollars in sales, each year.

Pictured here Divi’s People Champion, Nikki Simmons

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January 30, 2009
Rona Coster