‘NFuzion launches a new single and video clip

This island is blessed with much creative energy, the Orange Economy here is genial, but it is hard to make a living and find success, as an artist.

The story of De Que Me Vale, a new single and video clip by ‘NFuzion tells that story, and perhaps if the constellations align, it will bring international fame and fortune to its song-writer, band leader and singer.

Meanwhile we can enjoy the music.

I have a long standing friendship with Band Leader Ofo Escudero, we worked together at the now defunct Royal Cabana Casino, we made our owners a lot of money, until they declared bankruptcy and disappeared. He was Slots Manager; I was Director of Marketing.

Finding ourselves unemployed, we both used the unfortunate economic downturn to our advantage. Ofo turned to music, his first love, and I became self-employed.

I have been following him since then. First one successful band, then another, his own, ‘NFuzion, playing in different configurations of three to twenty musicians, including a brass section, various percussionists and the accordion sound, which lends the band a folkloric, authentic flavor.

They play at the resorts and at private parties, special birthdays, anniversaries, employee gatherings, and are very popular among local audiences. They are sharp dressers and look fantastic on stage, sound and lights tuned to perfection. They are a big draw in Carnival.

The pandemic hit the Orange Economy the hardest. There was no work for months, and dancing was out, consequently, recovery was slow. The band’s income dwindled to nothing in March 2020 and somewhat recovered at the end of 2021. They have been busier in 2022 and finally feel good again this year about their artistry and live performances.

‘NFuzion will be celebrating ten years in November and in honor of the anniversary one of the band members composed his first song, which singer Aimee fronts in the video clip.

She is a striking, beautiful woman, and her voice complements the lyrics and music of the Vallenato style song. Vallenato, is a popular folk music genre, typically played in Caribbean region of Colombia in the North of the country. It is much loved in Aruba.

The video clip, shot on a local horse ranch, features the lovely Aimee, looking fantastic, wearing the traditional cowboy hat and boots, and a very minimal sparkling bodysuit. She also looks stunning in the intro, depicting her as a celebrity Stellaris casino guest, in a slinky black gown with long gloves, cigarette holder, red lipstick and a diva attitude.

Aimee’s music career has been nurtured by Serghio Jansen, a much appreciated music instructor at Scol di Musica Rufo Wever, he encouraged Aimee to transition from a career in hospitality to showbiz, which made her happier, and more fulfilled than working in an office for the tourism authority.

The single was recorded in Aruba but was mastered by an accomplished, Grammy nominated, international master-mixer.

It will be launched today, on the local radio stations and will appear on YouTube. I wish the creative ‘NFuzion success, may the song become popular all over the region!




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September 28, 2023
Rona Coster