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The Garage Centraal Team Attends Technical Training for New Hyundai Vehicles, in Trinidad and Tobago

The team of Garage Centraal successfully completed a course conducted by Hyundai Motor Company, HMC, focusing on the latest Hyundai Kona and EVs, Electrical Vehicles. The team had to travel to Trinidad y Tobago this past January, to participate.

Javier Rosel and Maikel Tromp, are now experts on the latest technology, focusing on the motor, the EVs’ electrical components and all advanced systems, including chassis, safety, high voltage batteries, power conversion systems, drive systems and heat management.

The two Aruban representatives of Garage Centraal loved networking with like-minded team members from other countries in the region and enjoyed interacting with the HMC head office personnel.

Since I now drive an electric car, a Kona, I was happy to hear Garage Centraal makes the investment in its people and in turn in their clients to keep us running smoothly.

Javier and Maikel report they will be teaching their colleagues in Aruba the best practices they picked up during their trip.

In a press release, the garage declared: E final exitoso di un programa extenso di “Technical Training” di modelonan nobo di Hyundai ta accentua un bes mas e dedicacion di Garage Centraal pa keda na vanguardia di innovacion den e industria automotriz y pa por sigui duna servicio excelente na nos clientenan valioso.



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February 10, 2024
Rona Coster