New Washer & Dryer

One of my good friends reports:

Just on schedule before the holidays, my loyal, hard-working washer AND his sister dryer conked out, and refused to answer any of my commands, that’s it, they’ve had it.

It was Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. I considered myself lucky. I remember when another girlfriend’s OVEN conked out that same day, a number of years back, now that was a drama, with half-cooked turkeys and casseroles, but washer & dryer? That was a challenge I was sure I could handle.

I measured the space. I was proud of myself for doing that, and equipped with the measurements set up on Black Friday to make a purchase.

First stop, the highly recommended Unicon, showroom. They had none on the floor, but they showed me a handsome picture. Two gleaming white units, Whirlpool, stacked.

I happily paid Awg 3,400 and went home to wait for the technicians.

They came on Saturday, two of them, they pushed and shoved the oversize appliance into place and when they were done with the installation, they discovered they couldn’t shut the door, the contraption was poking out of its designated space.

When they tried to push it in an inch further, the water main broke which required the help of more men and more horses. I look forward to possibly Awg 600 extra water charges, on next month’s bill.

The Unicon technicians carted the appliance back, and I headed to Hagemeyer on Caya Milo Croes to check things out, but they too only had the same exact model, two gleaming white Whirlpool units, stacked; only theirs was Awg 100 MORE.

Cross the street to Price Smart. Same model, two gleaming white Whirlpool units, stacked, for Awg 2,299.85

Crown? Same model of two gleaming white Whirlpool units, stacked, for Awg 4,399, but they had a special 35% discount for cash. Which is still Awg 500 more than Price Smart.

I get it, the store provided a very helpful service, but at the end the people who can least afford it pay the most.

Do It Center? They no longer carry appliances, they are making room for Leen Bakker furniture.

Where is the Op=Op of home appliances? We need one on the island.

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November 30, 2018
Rona Coster