New Chief in Town

I was cheering for a woman, but I realize that the new interim High Commissionaire of Police is a good man. How do I know? He was recruited by the Marriott Aruba Resort & Stellaris Casino to serve as Director of Loss Prevention and Risk manager, a top position with a handsome compensation package. He must be highly qualified.

According to his resume, less than one year ago Police Inspector Andrew Hoo left the Police force to join the private sector. It is a customary practice, to fish for talent among retired men in blue to oversee resort internal and external security. It’s a big deal, and experienced top inspectors fit the job description well.

But, this is a first. The inspector turned civilian, worked for about one year at the hotel, they invested in his training and had high hopes for him to last for a while, but this week he returned to uniform within one day, no transition period with a successor; it seems he just took a break from policing and went right back, without any warning sign, that he was bored or unhappy. I can only guess that inspector Hoo left the force, but the force did not leave him.

He was called back in, and he followed his destiny! Having resigned leaving his peers behind, he was rewarded with a promotion.

I imagine that from now on, the resorts will question and quiz their future loss prevention and risk management candidates extensively, especially if they hail from Police circles, afraid to make the investment and ultimately lose their candidate of choice prematurely.

I read that the new Korpchef interino started with the force in 2001 as a graduate of the Politie Academie in Appeldoorn, he also earned a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration, and an Associate degree of Science Hotel Management, in addition to Executive Master of Tactical Policing, majoring in General Leadership.

He is no doubt an exceptional professional, and most importantly, a father of two!




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March 05, 2018
Rona Coster