New Businesses Opening on Palm Beach

The CM Food Co. group website reveals, it is made up of a group of young entrepreneurs with different areas of expertise who may be characterized by the desire to innovate, stand out, and excel, dedicating themselves to the realization of their credo, every day.

Interesting, and admirable, because it indicates their long term intentions, not just the desire to become an overnight success.

Aruba was recently graced by the soft opening of three new F&B concepts on Palm Beach, breathing new life into the once short-lived, then abandoned +297.

These individual establishments strive to develop their own personality, the website declares, and capture their uniqueness in every detail, in every bite, so that clients may enjoy totally different aspects of contemporary gastronomy.

I am all for it. I also want to find out what’s new and what’s happening in the world’s food-scene.

Welcome Brutto Beach House, a modern American & Japanese fusion restaurant, with indoor and outdoor seating, also seating around the elongated Sushi bar, inside, and along the west wall cocktail bar, outside. I had a sweet and strong Old Fashioned there, with some exotic bourbon, yummy.

Welcome Luca, a contemporary trattoria, with a rustic soul. I heard very good things about their pizza. They feature indoor/ outdoor seating, it’s all open air, and the bar along the east side wall promotes an Italian version of Caribbean cocktails. Besides the authentic Italian Aperol Spritz, they serve two more with Caribbean accents.

Welcome the Office, a night club, lounge, boom-boom, for the younger generation, though I was introduced to a talented bartender who works there, with whom I would definitely want to hang.

I spoke to the very charming Adrián Morúa, originally from Costa Rica, about the investment.

One of the company’s principals is an Aruba repeat-guest and he jumped on the opportunity to import his successful brands from Panama City and Caracas to Aruba.

So far so good. While the company is used to hungry big-city crowds, locals and visitors here, have not disappointed, and although the restaurants are still in their soft opening stage, they have seen business pick up.

In honor of the triple opening, corporate sent in its big guns, a highly professional training task-force, with executive chefs, sous chefs and creative chefs, to teach the hot kitchen secrets, and sushi chefs to get the Japanese menu rolling; also general managers entrusted with the dining-room service. The task-force trained tirelessly and is happy to report, mission almost accomplished, both Brutto and Luca will shortly announce to the world that they are officially open.

According to Morúa, who ran the company’s Azahar brand in Panama: “We are constantly searching for that surprise element, that allows us to offer our clients a unique experience, while maintaining the perfect balance between quality and price.”

I can attest that the staff is very nice, and the décor in good taste.

Perhaps the pretty neighbor will inspire the SAND BAR by Brickell Bay to upgrade.


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July 28, 2021
Rona Coster