“Never let a good crisis go to waste,” Winston Churchill.

The media announced this week that Aruba’s abandoned Drive-In Movie Theater is making a comeback.

It first opened in 1969 with a big-budget blockbuster the Guns of Navarone, a 1961 British-American epic adventure war film with three of the era’s hottest stars: Gregory Peck, David Niven and Anthony Quinn, fighting against the Germans on a fictitious Greek island.

The drive in finally closed in the new Millenial.

In between is sold a lot of delicious, greasy, skinny French fries for Afl 3.25 and hotdogs for Afl 4.25 from the brightly lit concession stand.

I remember driving around testing the speakers on poles, to see which one worked, though towards the end the sound improved and was transmitted via the car radio.

Eduardo de Veer says that DJ Korso recently called him suggesting the re-opening of the Drive-In Movie Theater. He called insistently a number of times, and de Veer brushed the idea off, until he realized that this was exactly what his people were planning, the revival of the retro, nostalgic movie experience, befitting the new social-distancing norms.

The drive-in asphalt is being cleared, right as we speak, and the wilderness that took over in the past years is being weeded.

The reemerging Drive-In Movie Theater will accommodate 420 cars, and the charge is per car, so no need to smuggle people in, covered in a blanket in the trunk or on the back seat.

The screen, a giant 40ft x 80ft remained the same. The movies will be projected with the new I-Max projector, already on island. It was supposed to go into the I-Max theater, now delayed till October. The tremendous sound will be broadcast on an FM frequency through the car radio.

The seats? You’re in charge, old chalupas and hot, new rides are equally welcome.

The ATCO crew has been busy, repairing and fixing, putting a roof over the cafeteria, some old time employees will be returning to the cafeteria so that the fondly-remember French fries taste the same.

The Drive-In will show popular movies at a fast rotation, since there are no new movie releases at the moment, the cinema will rely on its own resources, and will change the selection frequently.

Pa Bien Meta Corp, it’s true that you never let a good crisis go to waste.


As one of my friends pointed out, when the home of a former minister, in an affluent neighborhood goes up in smoke, it is bound to receive wide news coverage anywhere in the world.

But what the incident brought to light, again, is the in-your-face style of coverage, fueled by a total lack of respect for privacy and people’s emotional state of mind, as they stand powerless against the flames, in the street, watching disaster unfold.

Media sensationalism in this case victimizes the victim, again.

This particular scuffle however, where a reporter got decked by the former minister’s side-kick, has many deep layers of animosity, I don’t even remember details any more, but it certainly includes the Bubali Plas, and a case of ter beschikking.   



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May 15, 2020
Rona Coster