Netchie, Netchie.


It’s April Fool’s Day today, so don’t believe anything your read!

In past decades, one could tell if an item reported in the news was true of false, but these days with all the outrageous events across continents it is sometimes hard to identify the humble grain of truth in the sea of fantastic deceptions and trickeries.

As you know MinPres offered the resignation of her government to the governor, and he accepted, with general elections upcoming, date to be advised.

The reason for pulling the plug? Possible financial abuse by POR, a member of the coalition, in violations of GOA’s holy-cow integrity.

Was the head of that party asked to resign, first? Did he refuse, and thus the plug was pulled?  He is not the only still serving member of parliament with an ongoing, impending, criminal investigation, so why the rush to jump off the cliff?

We are told that the letter by the public prosecutor reporting the existence of the MOT financial abuse report, has been in Parliament for months, must have been read by the President of Parliament who must have reported it to MinPres.

They knew all along. True? False?

Apparently all political parties receive a bit of pocket money from GOA each month to pay their current expenses, and that money, funneled into the POR foundation, pointed at irregularities in the management of its bank account, and was consequently investigated, by Landsrecherche Aruba.

Awg 300.000

True? False?

In an effort to prevent the cash from disappearing the POR bank account was seized, triggering the resignation of our government.

While in the worst health, economic and financial crisis, ever, they abandoned ship.

Like walking off your shift in a busy restaurant, at the peak of the evening’s dinner service.

Normally, writes one of my readers, if you walk out on a job, you will not be rehired. Seems like that should be the case here–you bail on your responsibilities in the middle of an economic and health crisis, you are not fit for the job and no longer qualify to hold this position of public trust.

In reality many of my maven friends say it was a smart move by MinPres, a survival tactic, and only the naïve and idealistic are sad, even mad, because they believed the lie of the BIG RESET, in putting self-interest aside, in the opportunity to fix whatever ails our community, cleaning all the dirt the pandemic exposed, up.

Foolish of us to have believed, and it’s quite appropriate to realize we’re foolish on April’s Fool’s Day.

The president of POR, who is also the Vice President of Parliament refuted all allegations, in a simpleton letter so juvenile and naïve, as if written by a child, he would never touch a dime, he said, and nothing will stop a MAN like him from being, netchie netchie, end of quote.

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April 01, 2021
Rona Coster