Natusha Croes at Unoca, presenting CARICIA

We congregated recently at UNOCA, nine people max, to view a live performance by Natusha Croes, in Caricia, blending movement and sound, film, poetry, palm fronds, tree bark, branches, dry mango tree leaves, and organic tea, packed into a 45-minute quest for self-discovery.

The tea was served at the end of the session and allowed the nine spellbound spectators to digest what they have just experienced.

In Caricia, Natusha comments on her always sensual relationship with Aruba’s nature, she shares her love for the island, plant-life, geology, the elements, best experienced at Daimari, the sun baked, deserted, coconut plantation, on the wild side.

Apparently Natusha used her time mid-pandemic well, exploring her inner most longing for a physical, real relationship with the island’s flora and fauna.

She embarks on her performances rolling in leaves, feeling their rustle, texture, and fragile, fine design; she later examines palm fronds, stones, and sky, the wind.

She leads the audience from station to station, from total confusion to clarity: We have moved away from nature, but nature need us, we need nature, it helps define us, our creativity, and our humanity. We must reconnect and cherish the once-lost, now-found connection.

I have seen Natusha in earlier production, a few years ago, she is always controversial, intellectual and avant guarde.

I was very happy to see that Aruba finally has a street named after her genius father, Hildwatrd Croes, taken from us prematurely.

Natusha’s poetry in Papiamento is wonderful: Paso si, ken bo ta no por wordo encaja, ken bo ta, ta un proceso constante, y ami, ta biba den e proceso di caricia, y asina divulga, tur posibilidad, pa constantemente honra mi sensibilidad y wordo transforma, for di e rikesa y inteligencia textural, nos naturalesa, como mensajero y fuente pa asina por comprende untiki mas di tur cos cu ta biba den e oasis encontra, ora miedo mi surpasa.

Should you wish to attend a performance, sign up on her FB page!


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February 10, 2021
Rona Coster