National Debt

Yesterday, a number of publication circulated in the media, one of them by the Algemene Rekenkamer, the island’s official bean-counters, titled Bo Aruba, they outlined their disastrous findings in a dozen pages, reporting on the fiasco of the PPP projects condemning the lack of control, the irresponsible spending, the enormous risk, the lack of transparency and the half-ass decision making process.
Remember PPP? It is a hocus-pocus procedure, in which you spend outrageous amount of money, without having to post them on your books, a trick favored by the previous GOA.
The terribly sad pages of the document outlined the spending on the Green Corridor, 130 million, the spending on the yet incomplete Watty Vos Blvd, 180 million, the spending on the Hospital, 293 million, and the cost of the MFA, the multi-purpose centers in the barrios, chum change, 12 million. Total spending 605 million, but after paying for these brick and mortar projects anywhere between the next 18 to 29 years, they will end up costing us, 1,443 million florins.
It means that every man, woman and child on this island owes just under 12 million florins, and that thought is very scary.
By the way, the PPP projects are a surprise financial burden, over the one already acknowledged of 450 million in deficit, for the budgets of 2017 & 2018.
Both the MinPres and the MinFec – Finance, Economy, Culture – struggle with the monumental financial burden, I feel their pain, I hear their teeth grinding at night. They publish long press releases daily, stating again and again, that the previous government did not serve Aruba well, on the contrary it betrayed our trust and violate every moral obligation they had to conserve and protect our resources.
OK, we know.
Now drop it.
Don’t get all wound up if a member of parliament on the opposition benches tweets. Who cares. Anything he says is irrelevant. It’s your turn now, let go of grudges and pet-peeves and govern, show us the way, let them speak, no one listens.
You should conserve your energy, and your time, use them to figure our economy out. We’re all looking at you. Don’t tell us what went wrong. We know. Veer away from drama, inspire us to fix things, look into the future, straight ahead, don’t look down, don’t turn back, we’re behind you, forge ahead!
Show’em what two determined women can do, just don’t make us read another repetitive press release about the same miserable subject, tks.

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February 06, 2018
Rona Coster