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Michael Lampe – Aruban Dream, “Soño Arubiano”

Do you dream to live, or live to dream?

Good question.

In his latest music video Michael is asking a series of questions against the backdrop of beautiful island landscapes.

Is this my paradise? Is this your paradise?

He debates his relationship with the island, our relationship with the island, on the eve of becoming a father.

He draws the conclusion that past and present are connected and that his life is linked to family members of preceding generations, especially his mother.  

This is our home, he recites, this is where we live and have faith, a home built on parental sacrifices, anchored in the past.

The music video includes many nostalgic archival clips of Michael’s family life, jumping into the water as a kid, flanked by siblings, the adults playing music, having a party, posing for a family portrait.

Michael keeps questioning, is this a paradiso di verdad, the real deal, where he was raised with values to be the best that he can be, to break the circle of poverty, love his homeland, and always protect this paradise within his heart.

The reality of having an Aruban dream, paid for by American dollars is the heart of the debate, shared by 100.000 residents with an equal number of diverse opinions.

The video is musically rich and exciting, sampling old family musical tracks, the voices of children, quotes from his mother, and his own gratitude for a humble yet solid upbringing.

The music is accompanied by a work by local artist Armando Goedgedrag: Two hands clutched in prayer, that of Michael’s mom and that of his just born infant Noa Amaru, representing Faith and Hope for the island. The hands extend into a palm tree representing product aruba, which combined with our famous white sandy beaches, gave us successful tourism. Mom’s finger bears a ring, a lion head, symbolizing the gentle yet powerful, love of a mother and country. The lion also hints at the island’s relation with the NL kingdom.

The video ends with Michael as a Christ-like figure on top the Ayo Rock formation, and a sweeping, twirling view of Aruba.

Additional vocals by Michael’s partner Catapirate and his sister Raquel Lampe. The new born baby, has a starring role too.  

Michael Lampe & Data Panic, Coro Tutti Frutti by Aura Maybelline Arends-Croes.

The story behind the artwork by Armando Goedgedrag for the song “soño Arubiano” is just perfect ❤️

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August 26, 2020
Rona Coster