More thoughts about the elections

We’re all on pins and needles this morning, living to see the individual results of Friday’s elections.

While the official 21 parliamentary seat distribution was revealed Friday night: MEP 9, AVP 7, RAIZ 2, MAS 2, Accion 1, the individual accomplishments of each candidate are very interesting, to say the least.

Did Marisol Tromp, the queen of comebacks, carry 4,681 MAS votes by herself, or did she get help from other candidates on her list.

Did Mike Eman, AVP, command more personal votes than Evelyn Wever Croes, MEP?

(AVP got 33K in 2013, and in 2021 just over 18K, while all along leader Mike Eman enjoyed a fanatical core of followers, landing 8,222 personal votes in 2013 and 7,822 in 2017. He is expected to lose a great number of votes but still remain a big vote-getter here.)

Who is the biggest vote-getter in the 2021 election?

To compare: MEP enjoyed 17,653 in 2013, 22,061 in 2017 and 20, 023 this week! Was this lose caused by the departure of former minister Crispin Romero, 1048 votes in 2017, representing San Nicholas? Or was it due to a general sense of dissatisfaction despite successful handling of the pandemic and our relationship with the Netherlands.

Who was the vote-getter at RAIZ, #1 Ursell Arends, or #2 Geoffrey Wever, who many wish to see as our new Minister of Justice, or better yet our new Minister of Finance.

Will Accion21 go into the coalition, thus making room for #2 on the list, Daphne Lejuez, to return to parliament.

Early in April, in a newspaper interview Miguel Mansur, Accion21 suggested that about 6 parliamentary seats will go to new parties and he was not far from the truth, we have right now 5 seats held by MAS/ACCION21 & RAIZ, who are being courted by the two large traditional parties, MEP & AVP as potential coalition partners.

The decision lies with the Governor, who has been meeting with political power-brokers over the weekend, members of supervisory boards and heads of parties, to see which option to explore. He will entrust the exploration of options to an Informador, who in turn will help select the Formador, the man of woman in charge of putting the new government together. I hope it is a woman, and it’s supposed to happen before July 7th

MEP, in command of 9 seats requires an additional two to form a government, but would probably opt for a broader base coalition, inviting 2, or even 3 parties, according to my wish, to join.

If the formation of the government is mistrusted to AVP, 7 seats, they would need all three small parties as their coalition partners to get to an 11 seat majority in parliament.

Eleven is the lucky number.

And to stir the pot, social media has been circulating imaged of the leaders of both MAS & ACCION21 having casual coffee at Starbucks. They started talking about alliances already. According to the caption, they invited the leader of Raiz, to drop in, but he reportedly preferred a more formal venue.

What does a coalition government mean? It means that MEP will have to share the minister portfolios, and reward each incoming coalition partner with something to do, a ministerial job, besides their parliamentary seats, and we have many of those to fill: Justice and Immigration, Finance, Economic Affairs, Energy, Innovation and Government Organization, General Affairs, Culture, Transport and Telecommunication, the Primary Sector, Public Health, Sport, Labor, Social Affairs, Spatial Infrastructure Development, the Environment, Education, Science and Sustainable Development, then there are two cushy official jobs, one in the Netherlands and one in Washington, as a form of ambassador.

All of that work will have to be divided among 10 people, the people’s representatives, one Minister President, 7 Ministers with multiple hats, and two ambassadors.

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June 28, 2021
Rona Coster