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Marisol Lopez Tromp actions justified.

Remember the former-minister who found a couple of ghosts at Serlimar/DIP and dismissed them, people who had an employment contract, yet never showed up for work after the twice-removed former-former minister left office?

Now a judge justified her actions, he found it plausible that the appointment of that gentleman was some kind of political thank-you note, whereby the man did not have to do any work, but still collected a steady Awg 4,000 as a political protégé, for eight years. The court considered his appeal to be contrary to public policy and the termination of the contract legally binding.

So this is beyond incredibly embarrassing: Her actions of clearing the mess left behind and trying to do something about it, was validated as correct by judge.
What did our parliament and GOA do? They threw her out.

What is the conclusion? Can these same people be entrusted with millions of Dutch taxpayers’ money which we all have to pay back somehow? To do what with it? Pay themselves and cement the corrupt, inflated payroll burden of public employees?

And talking about fat payrolls

WEB Aruba NV announced it was withdrawing its solidarity pay cut, no mas, they are retracting their commitment to give up 12.6% of their salary used to sustain FASE. Temporarily. Until a better agreement can be reached, negotiated with the Labor Union.


Contrary to my wish to turn the unions in warm and fuzzy, understanding entities, they remain ball-busting, determined to squeeze every penny out of their employer.

Their selfish and self-centered move endanger a statement recently made by the MinPres in which she confirmed GOA has the wage subsidy budgeted for the full year of 2021, BECAUSE, GOA’s funding depends on liquidity loans from The Netherlands, and these loans require quarterly agreements between The Netherlands and Aruba which require Aruba’s compliance with the loan conditions, one of them being solidarity pay cuts.

No solidarity pay-cuts = no liquidity = no wage subsidy = end of the world as we know it.


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February 10, 2021
Rona Coster