More Creative Activity at the Palm Beach Plaza


This week the Palm Beach Plaza noted a happy event, the significant demobilization of its construction company Albo NV, as it started dismantling equipment and moving its construction office-trailer off the property on Palm Beach.

Albo NV was clearly done with the building phase of the plaza, and was vacating the site at the end of the last stage of construction.

This week also saw keys delivered to a family of local entrepreneurs, Mr. Leal, and his two dynamic kids, Orangel and Vanessa who collected the keys to their new store, Muaa, a famous concept store carrying adolescent fashions, popular in Latin America, offering both boys’ and girls’ clothes and accessories for a personalized look, including watches, eyewear, fragrances, shoes and the novel Muaa Pink.

Muaa also boasts a fun interactive website, in the style of Facebook, offering a social online community. Muaa, hailing from Colombia, is a responsible social and environmental enterprise, teaching kids to recycle and conserve, and do their share toward global preservation.

The Palm Beach Plaza new tenants are working hard and completing the interiors of their new businesses in preparation of the upcoming inauguration of the Palm Beach Plaza as a major attraction, this fall, says Mall Manager Alex Otterspeer.

Last week, the Palm Beach Plaza tenants picked up keys for Shivas Gold & Gems, Mimo’s Ice Cream, Havana Cigar & Spirit Bar, Mama’s Mexico Restaurant and Mama’s Mexico Fruit & Cocktail Bar, Monarch Jewels, the Post Office branch and Sir James House of Coffee. Otterspeer delivered a festive bottle of champagne to go with every set of new shiny keys.

“Aruba’s no.1 attraction is the beach,” says Ash Ramchandani on behalf of Landy NV who developed the project with a fifty million florin investment, “and Aruba’s no. 2 attraction is opening soon, the Palm Beach Plaza which offers so much more than just shopping, with15.000 m2 of fine dining, and entertainment, as the largest mall in the Southern Caribbean.”

Pictured here MUAA on its way in.

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June 11, 2009
Rona Coster