Monday morning quarterbacks

Good luck, to Parliament, says a high official at the Central Bank, a former prosecutor, now a lawyer, a woman with very high principles — she set up the Office of Integrity, and was supposed to lead it — then she adds, we’d better CONTROL it, day and night, 24 hours a day.

A very telling comment.

Her next post is telling to: Nepotism is a form of favoritism, she says, which is granted to relatives and friends in various fields including politics…. She was probably referring to the fact that we have three cousins in office, as ministers. But that did not happen yesterday, that has been the case for a long time.

This week, seventy-two days post-elections, Premier Wever Croes introduced her cabinet.

Evelyn C. Wever-Croes — Minister of General Affairs, Innovation, Governmental Organization, Infrastructure, Territorial Planning, Prime Minister.

Geoffrey B. Wever — Minister of Economic Affairs, Communication and Sustainability.

Ursell M. Arends — Minister di Integrity, Nature, Transport and Elderly Care.

Xiomara J. Maduro — Minister di Finance and Culture.

Rocco G. Tjon — Minister di Justice and Social Affairs.

Glenbert F. Croes — Minister di Labor, Integration and Energy.

Danguillaume P. Oduber — Minister di Public Health & Tourism.

Jan H. “Endy” Croes — Minister di Education and Sport.

Left out, Science and Technology, it seems no one wanted these, or they did not have the academic credentials, to accommodate. Science was under Rudy Lampe in the previous GOA. Innovation is now orphaned from its siblings Science and Technology under the Economy mother-ship. It would be tough to achieve economic diversification without Science and Technology.

Let’s see what the media has been complaining about

Evelyn C. Wever-Croes: Our MinPres established her undisputed leadership of the party, and country, as a super vote-getter, and assumed responsibility for our dysfunctional Infrastructure & Territorial Planning. These two ministries have a backlog of many years, because nothing gets done at the departments – Marisol Lopez Tromp already explained.  We can only be hopeful. As parliamentarian Miguel Mansur pointed out, her coalition GOA represents 44% of the voters, not a majority.

Geoffrey B. Wever: We have high hopes for him, so far an unknown political entity, but he enjoys widespread good will. His lengthy posts on FB, attest to his intention to educate us. Hope you can keep it up, Geoffrey. He will be setting up projects as the Minister of Sustainability, and will need MinPres to collaborate at Infrastructure.

Ursell M. Arends: He will have to set up the Ministry of Integrity, then walk away and see if it functions. He wants to think outside the box and reinvent GOA. As the Minister of Transport if he only redesigned our public transportation network, his place in heaven will be guaranteed. Same goes to Waste and Liquid Waste. If her makes any progress, he will be blessed.

Xiomara J. Maduro: She will be carrying a lighter load. Perhaps she can now devote more time for culture. And by that I mean more than just attending the Dera Gai celebrations.

Rocco G. Tjon: My readers have a big bone to pick here. Why should of Chief of Police, Vanessa Tjon-Kock, have to give up her career so that Rocco Tjon could get his dream job? This is not the first time that a female has to step aside, get out of the way and open a path for than man, whose personal record is not spotless, as he did not receive a clean bill of health. He could have gone to Education, and used some of his drive there, to inspire an improved system. Korpschef Vanessa Tjon-Kock will be joining other chiefs, Andrew Hoo & Trudy Hassel, on ice, at improvised jobs, hers will have to fall away from the Ministry of Justice.

I asked for some legal tips: I don’t see a problem, says a Legal Beagle. Legally there is NO incompatibility but if it’s their choice, then whatever. Another Legal Beagle sees great conflict of interest, in the husband as the Minister of Justice and his Chief of Police, wife.

Glenbert F. Croes: The charming of the lot, I am still resentful over his personal friendships in Surinam. Thus as the Minister of Energy I get itchy thinking of the potential deals with international mover and shakers, in the energy business. And we predict not much change in labor laws, and very little integration.

Danguillaume P. Oduber: He didn’t do too well in the first round. Why grant him a second round? So he won’t go rogue on us, turning independent, in Parliament.

Jan H. “Endy” Croes: Education will be asking Rudy Lampe to return. This appointment shows you where priorities lie. On the bottom. Endy is a party mouth-piece, and was rewarded for his verbosity. Education will not be helped by this minister. Sport, might. Croes also has some botched OM investigation in his background, as the media tirelessly reminded us, this week.

How did our ministers do at their screenings? All did well. The screenings can only raise red flags, but do nothing about it.

Edgard Vrolijk will serve as the head of Parliament, with his education and sport background, he should have landed our Minister of Education and Sport job, alas, he achieved less votes than Endy, which aborted the plan.

In the name of continuity, Guillfred Besaril, remains our representative in the Netherlands as Minister Plenipotentiary, with his Police, Educational Science and Law background, he could have been placed differently, to benefit education.

We’re a nation of Monday morning quarterbacks.



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September 11, 2021
Rona Coster