Mon Guerlain launched by Maggy’s

I fell in love with a fragrance the-day-before-yesterday, when Maggy’s hosted the launch of Mon Guerlain at its store at Paseo Herencia.

I have emotional ties with the 200 years old House of Guerlain, because of my late mother in law, a proud French-Creole woman who believed that only the house of Guerlain, headquartered in Paris at the Champs Elysees, was worthy of her velvet skin and all her secret places, the rest she said was ‘for the birds.’

She talked about the legendary Jicky, L’Heure Bleue, and Chamade which I don’t think I ever sniffed, and bought me my first bottle of Samsara. I got L’Instant du Guerlain for myself, and in 2012 we were all crazy about La Petite Robe Noire in its various incarnations.

Shalimar? Everybody else wore Shalimar.

The first “nose” of the House of Guerlain was Jacques Guerlain, and he believed that he created fragrances for “the Women we admire.” So it is no wonder that the new Ambassador for Mon Guerlain is Angelina Jolie.

My petite companion at the Maggy’s launch, the house representative of Guerlain, whispered to me in French a most adorable explanation, why Jolie, the sexy goddess, the humanitarian, the mother, the actress and director was picked to represent the scent.

The small clip playing on the store’s TV was shot in Provence, at Jolie’s residence and it showcases her loveliness against vineyards and fields of lavender. The camera slowly glides over Jolie’s tattoos, as she applies another, this time invisible, tattoo, her new fragrance.

My petite companion said that Joile accepted the job of promoting the fragrance because of her emotional ties with Meteorites powder by Guerlain, worn by her mom, years ago, when he was a child.

The fragrance was created by a fifth generation ‘nose’ and it mixes notes of vanilla, lavender, sandalwood and Jasmin, so it is feminine and sensual, and powdery and warm, and many more adjectives the script-writers come up with, bottom line: Delicious.

And the name Mon Guerlain implies that we all wear it differently, it smells differently on each and every one wearing it, floral, aromatic, or spicy. It smells spicy on me. J

Finally, Mon Guerlain’s flacon is iconic; it’s quadrilobe, meaning the stopper with four lobes, represents a clover leaf, for an added measure of good luck. The French royals used to carry their perfumes in similar bottles back in 1828!

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March 10, 2017
Rona Coster