Mission Accomplished

On our landscape, Rene Kan is a one-of-a-kind businessman. A maverick.  And he just concluded nine years of service on the AZV board.

About five months ago, he formally informed the minister in writing that as of June 15th, 2019, he will be retiring as Chairman of the Board of AZV but agreed with the minister and board to stay on, until the MinHealth is comfortable with a new AZV chairman, Kan’s replacement, who must still be identified and named.

It is a decision of utmost importance to the country and the MinHealth is taking his time, weighing the options.   

Kan served under three health ministers affiliated to two political parties, helping make important decisions for the general public welfare with deep mutual respect and open-minded professionalism.

It’s not his first time leaving the organization.  He left AZV in 2013, under Minister Richard Visser, when the Aruba Growth Fund developed an interest in the Boticas di Servicio. He thought it was the right thing to do.

With the appointment of a new MinHealth, Alex Schwengle, Kan was repeatedly asked to return, which he did in 2014.

Then under MinHealth Dangui Oduber, Kan asked the Minister to nominate a new chairman. He thought he could perhaps be helpful on another board, but the minister wanted him to be available to AZV.

Needless to say, AZV is an important organization, and Kan reports he has been honored to chair it, but the time has come to make room for fresh blood and new ideas.

As the chairman of the board at AZV he had two important goals, one to do with our hearts and the other with cancer care, and it gives him great pleasure to have helped pilot two immensely important projects for Aruba.

Together with Dr. Casper Lacle, hospital management, Ezzard Cilie and his team, they were able to set up the interventional cardiology department on Aruba in cooperation with AMC, Amsterdam Medical Center, and OLVG both from the Netherlands which today plays an amazing role in saving lives.

Previously, when someone had a heart attack they had to wait for an air ambulance. Today, doctors can intervene immediately, and prevent dire consequence.

Also, together with Dr. Joël Rajnherc, AZV is setting up the radiotherapy for the island’s cancer patients at Imsan, SN, in collaboration with Baptist Hospital from South Florida. Cancer patients will not be separated from their families for months, for treatment purposes, obliged to spend a long time in Colombia, Curacao, or the Netherlands. They will now be able to receive treatment here in a state-of-the-art center and will not be away from their support system — they will be able to stay home, instead.

Dr. Rajnherc’s enthusiasm in cheerleading the project and his persistent management got this done.

The center will be operational in November 2019.

Kan feels extremely good about the two projects realized during his tenure, and decided that now is the time for a different talent to be introduced to the AZV organization.

So, what’s next I asked, the ATA board?

Knowing Kan, he can never stay still and will look for a project, another major undertaking to benefit the island, to contribute his knowledge and experience to.



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July 24, 2019
Rona Coster