Missed learning

This whole debacle, with the SKOA schools remaining closed on Sept 1st –  until GOA gives them a written guarantee that a giant debt is forgiven — reminded me of President Ronald Reagen, and the air-traffic controllers strike.

More or less from the Internet: In August 1981, Ronald Reagan took an uncompromising stand against striking air-traffic controllers who threatened to shut down the nation’s airlines. They complained about this and that, and held America and the world by the balls, the president announced the striking workers were in violation of the law, and fired them, with little apparent remorse.

Labor unions, and the public were shocked, but the issue was resolved, because the president did not like to be held by the balls.

That was a Republican president, and he had his flaws, but he was able to take difficult decisions, when the system was held hostage.

In the SKOA case, you know the janitorial support staff became quasi-GOA-employed and received benefits, for the past few years, until Minister Lampe declared it illegals. It is.

That second, was the right time to acts. But no one did anything. From that time, or perhaps earlier SKOA stopped paying the fees associated with these benefits, and the accumulated debt, is somewhere between 5 and 11 million, depending who you talk to.

SKOA continued the pay the Janitorial staff their minimum wages, but did not settle any other obligations that go with the benefits.

Now, SKOA wants GOA to forgive the debt, and life goes on, with janitorial staffers? Without Janitorial staffers?

There is no apparent plan.

SKOA did not obligate its schools to remain closed, but it was a strong suggestion – are you with us or against us. Some of the headmasters responded they would like to open if the janitorial staff is available. In other words: No cleaners? No learning, which is fair. How can you operate a school without support staffers?

SKOA held students hostage. Then announced it would open Thursday.

And Premier Wever Croes did not want to dirty her hands in that fight and sent it back to the minister, who is an interim minister, whose hands are tied.

Why didn’t she make a decision?

Even Anselmo Pontilius, the legendary union leaders, thought sending it back to the minister was an exercise in futility.

With 7,518 votes, Premier Wever-Croes could make a decision. But, she opted out. Leave it to NEXT minister.

From what we see the premier is in no rush to form the government, our guess is that her party members are still bickering over possible positions: Tevreden demanding to become a minister here or in the Netherlands, a position already promised to Thijsen.

Are they considering adding a ministry to settle the disputes, then RAIZ will probably claim another portfolio.

Does Oduber get Tourism back, or is Health Care his future domain, are they still arguing over that instead of making up for missed learning?

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September 02, 2021
Rona Coster