Miss Gay Aruba 2018

Sunday night, the Miss Gay Aruba pageant unfolded at the Renaissance Convention Center for the 25th year in a row.

Organized by Humphry O., retail executive 364 days a year and producer / promoter for one annual glamorous event, the evening included a festive opening, a sexy bathing suit segment, a bombastic evening gown parade and the glitzy coronation.

This year’s winner is the charming and eloquent Demi Lu Rose, candidate #4, who is very comfortable in her skin, in full make up, hair, towering heels and evening dress.

I watched all of the candidate video interviews, six in total, on the eve of the great pageant and I am hereby giving our small island two thumbs up, for being inclusive, accepting and supportive.

The evening sold out part of the convention center at Awg 850 per VIP Table, the crowd was over the top elegant and cheerful, the performances were entertaining and spectacular.

Some of the more serious activists wondered resentfully if Aruba’s LGBTQ community has been highjacked by a bunch of mischievous cross dressing drag queens? And the answer is Yes, just for one night, once a year. So, lighten up, let’s have fun.   

Back to the interviews:

Candidate #6, Nicole, saw herself as a role model and explained social media opened he door to public acceptance, “you will go far if you persevere,” she added.

Candidate #5, Jessica, talked about her freedom to dream, and be herself, she remarked that in recent year the LGBTQ movement helped bring minorities closer to main stream.

Candidate #4, Demi Lu, could run for office, she talked about equality and authenticity and was pleased to report that Aruba cracked down on discrimination. “Just hand her the crown, please,” said one of the public comments under her video. She was a favorite from the start.

Candidate #3, Dita, also enjoys a great gift of self-expression, she talked about the concerns of her community and the willingness to fight for acceptance and the absolute need to be unique and true to self.

Candidate #2, Alina, played with the camera, her small face looking at the photographer seductively, under a pile of Dolly Parton curls, she championed the right to be happy.

Candidate #1, Gersealin got personal and recounted her decision to break the news to her parents that she did not exactly turn out the way they expected. She talked well about self-expression and about the fear and guilt associated with coming out of the closet.

Humphrey, keep up the good work.

I guess all people face the same issues, and we are all preoccupied by the same concerns.    


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July 23, 2018
Rona Coster