MINJUST: YOU have a high threshold of tolerance for graffiti-vandalism, ENOUGH ALREADY

Bushiribana, a national treasure was vandalized this weekend, and we all say ENOUGH ALREADY! That is the nature of vandalism, it is progressive, just like all crimes, and vandalism is a crime, if you disregard the little stuff, you let the perpetrators get away with it, then the vandals/criminals get more audacious and ambitious each time, escalating their misdirected campaign.

Early last summer, graffiti-vandalism started appearing on the island as a form of protest and you must know by now that it impacts the feelings of law and order and social values on our island and it influences our sense of well-being, NEGATIVELY.

This is what I wrote in June when a second group picked graffiti as their weapon of choice: All graffiti must be removed from public view immediately after they appear, otherwise the trend may become an invitation for more vandalism. If we don’t remove the text, it means we don’t care, and it becomes an invitation for more, and worst, just like broken windows, that invite breaking more windows. We should all be asking Public Works to commit to freeing us from the offensive lettering, because graffiti vandalism in unacceptable. Remember that the vandals have repeated their message many times, so that we “recognize” the message instantly. By removing the text as soon as possible we deny them the “glory” and “satisfaction.” TOTAL CLEANING: Please visit the BUSHIRIBANA, with a bucket of soap and water, ASAP.

TIP DI ORO: Dear MinJust, Awg 10,000 would smoke out the guilty party. We want to see a real effort on your part to identify that one asshole, with a familiar handwriting, who declared war on our monuments. Awg 10,000 as reward-money should do the trick. We want to see the announcement made today! You smoked Yellow out, and you must treat the individual who defaced Bushiribana, with equal seriousness. This is not funny anymore.


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February 20, 2017
Rona Coster