Minister Otmar Oduber, retires from public life?!

A while ago, he announced his upcoming retirement at the end of 2019, concluding his tenure as the minister of Spatial Development, Infrastructure and the Environment.

To do what?

At a press conference, which I was not asked to attend, at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino he announced over breakfast, he will be opening a consultancy, a private business, going back to his roots, he said, to his passion, to tourism, the field he studied and loves.

It should have been expected, government jobs have no NDA, non-disclosure agreement, so if the retired Dutch politicians go and works for KPMG, Shell, Unilever or Citicorp, we can expect our people to do the same.

Even Hunter Biden cashed in on his name in the Ukraine.

Though my immediate thought was that the principles of Good Governance could be compromised greatly when all connections and relationships are leveraged.

But, so it goes.

Above all, sincerely, we wish the minister good health. When he announced his retirement we speculated it was medical-related. He underwent a radical physical transformation, becoming half his size, in a number of months. It could not have been easy, to deal with challenges and complications while remaining cool and composed on the outside.

The future: He will no doubt remain in the limelight, when the new minister of Spatial Development, Infrastructure and the Environment is sworn in. It is his party, and we should not forget that. We believe he is grooming a successor, his daughter, bright and promising, who is finishing the hotel school in The Hague, destined to arrive on the political scene sooner than we think.

So we’re not kissing OO goodbye.

As a ballsy bulldozer, and a fast decision-maker, I regret he did not reach a comprehensive consensus and plan on trash and garbage handling, disposal, etc., that would have been a fantastic legacy.

But, who know, pray his successor will.

As a footnote: Working as a consultant in the private sector is not easy, servicing clients is tricky, you have to be on call, plus collecting payments is often problematic, he might not like it.

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December 13, 2019
Rona Coster