Michael Lampe & Datapanik – ATARDI featuring Kris Berry & Zoinx

I am an incurable Michael Lampe fan. He released Atardi, a beautiful music video clip Monday evening, and it has been giving me goose bumps, and contracting my throat, since then!

So moving, such beautiful music, what a sweetheart of a musician, farmer, tennis player, a native of Curacao, Rudy Plaate, now 83, recently widowed, having lost his loving wife, now suffering from Dementia.

Some of the most touching scenes of the music video clip and the teaser trailer feature the two aging lovers, he kisses her hand fervently, she leans her gray head on his shoulder, he whisper-sings to her in Papiamento, telling her how much he loved her, and then she marvels at the fact that after so many years, she is still crazy about him.

Wow. The music video clip and the teaser trailer, see link below, left me speechless.

Born across the pond in 1937, Rudy was a prolific musician. He composed some of the Dutch Caribbean’s most favorite songs. While he wrote Atardi about Curacao in the twilight, beautiful and a bit saddened, that the glorious day is ending, we also sing Atardi in Aruba, and in Bonaire. The song is a musical treasure, and Michael in the video clip starts with the original version and ends with Aruba, to complete the circle of island-sisters.

I told Michael who is a member of Parliament here, alas, for the opposition party, to drop politics, abandon parliament, because he can do so much more for us, for our souls, heritage, unity, and wellbeing with one good song, that may live forever. Politicians come and go. Music stays.

Michael insists that he wants to make a difference, make changes from within. You already know what I said: Fuggedaboutit, stick to music, you are a genius.

As I just learned, film maker Selwyn de Wind, has been working for a number of years on a documentary on Rudy Plaate, who enjoyed a stellar career on the islands in the 70s, recording many albums, helping pave his way to an iconic status. Selwyn sought Michael out for sound design of his documentary named Atardi, after the famous song.

Rudy recorded Atardi around 1973. I listened to his version, it has a tinny, steel pan sound.

The new sound, concocted by Michael Lampe, is layered and complex. Vocals were recorded in the Netherlands, beautiful Kris Berry, “Atardi Corsow ta bunita,” and handsome Michael Lampe, here, “Atardi Aruba ta bunita.”

Michael added his own interpretation to the melody capturing the emotion and the beauty of the composition, keeping the original guitar and mandolin and spicing things up with traditional instruments, cuarta, flue, and some improvised percussion, by a new, just-discovered Curacao artist. All that combined with live drums, electronic drums, electronic bass, and analog synthesizer to create a sound Michael calls “Caribbean New Wave.”

Rapper ZOINX, from Curacao, contributed to the production with a new, contemporary segment he wrote, that fits perfectly well.

Vocals: Kris Berry & Zoinx.

Musicians: Marco Dorothea (Mandolin), Sorandy Jacobs (Flauta, tambu, chapi and more percussion), Ralph Durgaram (drums) [the Beat Freak Studio], Selwyn De Wind.

Click below on the preview of what you may expect from the documentary “Atardi”, the story of Rudy Plaate. This teaser trailer was first presented at the Curaçao International Film Festival, in Rotterdam. The documentary will premiere on July 10th in Aruba.

Keep an eye on the Atardi page, it will be updated with news about the upcoming movie!


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July 01, 2020
Rona Coster