Marie Therese Croes celebrates her 80th birthday

A special lady celebrated her 80th birthday just recently, Marie Therese Croes, and befitting her extraordinary life was given an even more extraordinary party.

Friends flocked to the family’s tropical backyard from all over the island and the world, a huge crowd of fans including Padu Del Caribe, the father of Aruba’s culture.

Marie Therese, a sharing and caring organizer and volunteer, embodies the spirit of community service on Aruba. As she has spearheaded many charity projects here, on the occasion on her Octogenarian birthday many well-wishers from all walks of life came to present their warm and sincere congratulations.

Celebrating the occasion with the vibrant and energetic legend, her husband Max Croes, and her children Guisela Croes, Paul Croes and Irene Peterson, Karin Croes, Arielle Croes, Wilner Croes and Max Croes Jr, Jocelyne Croes and Renwick Heronimo, families Raven, Tromp, Schouten, Heronimo and many others who have touched her life during the action-packed, challenging and rewarding last decades.

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November 17, 2011
Rona Coster