Making a name for themselves

This weekend we were told that thanks to the intervention of parliamentarian Miguel Mansur, Accion 21, DOW managed to bravely secure parking spots for all parliamentarians, across the street from their place of work, the Aruba Parliament, to prevent them from abandoning their cars just about anywhere in town, parking illegally, violating their integrity.

Today we were told by alert Parliamentarian Marco Berlis, #17 on the MEP list with 232 votes, that it wasn’t Miguel Mansur at all. It was the MEP parliamentarians who have tirelessly worked on the issue for a while, and it so happened that Mansur lamented the scarcity of parking, at the exact same time that DOW moved in to install ‘reserved’ signs.

We’re grateful to Berlis, for having settled the issue. The credit belongs to MEP.

The parking covfefe illustrates well, what’s so wrong with the entitled approach we all take.

The parking lot at the Renaissance Seaport Mall will be used by our diligent members of parliament between 10:30am to 11:30am, and 14:30pm to 15:30pm on Tuesdays and Wednesday, if lucky, during their work hours.

Instead of restricting the parking to just a number of hours, the spaces in the lot were taken out of commission, all together, they will be left empty and unusable by the public, 24/7/365. Such a waste of fantastic spots, that could have been enjoyed by the same people who pay for these civil servants, the balance of the day/evening.

It’s an excellent depiction how wasteful we are, even with parking spaces.


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October 25, 2021
Rona Coster