Major Disappointment

Now we know, that independent member of parliament Rycond Santos de Nascimento is no saint. He published a blurb in the media just recently that borders on hate-speech crucifying GOA for allegedly promoting an LGBTQIA+ agenda.

He came out of the closet, so to speak, to reveal his true belief-system, after hiding for a long time, among AVP party members who do not demonstrate much religious zeal.

The reason he woke up is that parliament is apparently handling a law, designed to finally introduce same sex marriages, which he calls homosexual marriages. He claims GOA intends to lend the LGBTQIA+ agenda priority, inventory how this poor segment of our population is discriminated against, and ‘educate’ the public about it.

According to RSDN, GOA will focus on civil unions, and align itself with an agenda promoting transsexuality, especially among children. (?!)

Such hogwash, from an educated man, supposedly an expert on constitutional law.

It is the first time we hear such blatant, shameless rhetoric from him, on the subject, in the name of Christianity, which according to him, is being demonized by the LGBTQIA+ crowd as an antiquated, corrupt and ignorant religion.

(I must say, I almost agree, but to each his own, you’re free to practice any religion, as long as you do not pronounced superiority, over others.)

RSDN goes on about the sanctity of marriage and praises the perfect trinity, Jesus, Maria, and  Joseph, a model family, standing for love, obedience and loyalty, from 2023 year ago.

He is no doubt campaigning, hoping to attract followers in the catholic community here, because otherwise he has zero following.

This man disappointed me the first time when he joined AVP, during last elections, but it gave him the key to parliament. He went from nothing to something, on the wings of 214 votes, the second poorest performance among parliamentarians. He showed some integrity by abandoning AVP, the party he joined for reasons I never understood. As a constitutional scholar he should never have joined that old-school, has-been organization. But he did, alas, only to become an independent member of parliament, later on.

He will probably announce the founding of his own party, soon, on a religious platform.

If he had any sense at all, he would be working for Aruba, instead of working for God.

A while ago, parliamentarian Miguel Mansur, Accion 21, and RSDN visited the Governor to deliver a letter, regarding RAft, the kingdom law for financial supervision. They wanted to petition the Governor to intervene, and talk some sense into GOA. Both expressed their dismay over the irresponsible financial management of this country.

But now, after the RSDN pronouncements, regarding the LGBTQIA+ agenda, I don’t see Mansur associating himself with such homophobic talk, and consequently my hopes for some new alternative political leadership, is trashed.

I speculated that he will understand that he will have ZERO impact if he doesn’t join Accion 21, and/or MAS, to form some kind of UNITED opposition front.

But religion got in the way. He will most probably disappear as a solo flyer. Having joined forces with God, let’s see how far he goes — 217 votes, including the holy family?

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September 15, 2023
Rona Coster