Mack’s Exchange Services Introduced

Six local casinos are making the services of Mack’s Exchange, a Western Union affiliate, available to clients who come in with their florins or Euros and wish to play slots or table games, where the currency used is USD.

The service will be available in March.

In the past, the Casino Cage was available for currency transactions but no more. The Central Bank of Aruba cracked down on that practice.

Mack’s Exchange Services is a six months experiment, I understand, and it gives the casinos an alternative money changing channel, accepted by the Central Bank of Aruba.

In its quest for total control the Central Bank of Aruba has declared that the casinos must apply for an official Currency Exchange Licenses, similar to the ones of local banks. The process is invasive and overwhelming, and most casinos view this arbitrary demand unreasonable and unnecessary.

In the case of the Stellaris Casino @ Aruba Marriott Resort, for example, all financial records of all Marriott International company shareholders must be disclosed, which is a momouth job, the mother company must deem redundant, and uncalled-for.

Under normal circumstance the threshold for disclosure is USD$10.000 but for the Holier than the Pope Central Bank of Aruba it is much lower, and the enforced constant reporting presents a harmful bureaucratic burden.

You may now use Mach’s Exchange, for a fee, at:

Stellaris Casino @ Aruba Marriott Resort

Windcreek Crystal Casino n@ Renaissance Aruba Resort

Windcreek Seaport Casino @ Renaissance Marketplace

The Casino @ Hilton Aruba

Glitz Casino @ La Cabana

Liv Casino @ Bareceló Aruba

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February 23, 2021
Rona Coster