LV Hosts a Private Moment

LV Oranjestad

The Louis Vuitton boutique in Oranjestad hosted a private cocktail party Monday attended by the gracious and elegant Olivier Gastinel, Store Manager for both Venezuela and Aruba.

Gastinel was on hand to meet, greet and mingle with town’s movers and shakers as the boutique unveiled its latest collection. While he lives in Caracas, where the LV boutique enjoys immense popularity, Aruba says the Frenchman, moves quite some bags and shoes and will soon receive a special display for LV watches, one of which Gastinel was wearing, an oversize black Tambour with rubber strap.

The strength of LV says Gastinel is its ability to innovate all the time while safeguarding all that made the bags and trunks so famous, the classic finish and the stylish design down to the names of the bags so evocative of travel and beautiful places. And the monogram, always evolving and cleverly used, never in the same way, everywhere from the Croisette collection to the Denim and the Multicolor Canvas lines. In short LV is not just a luxury brand it is a universe and Gastinel reports that working for LV is tempting and he gets the urge to own everything he sees every time he steps into a store, which is every day.

The cocktail party was catered by Matilde’s Restaurant and presented butler-passed pink French bubbly and hors d’hoeuvres which looked as appealing as the jewelry and the sandals, made in Italy, where the best shoes in the world are made. While it drizzled a bit outside, the inside was cozy and relaxed. Guests admired the displays, shopped and rubbed shoulders.

The party was flawlessly orchestrated by Milly Paskel – de Cuba and the Tera Group, which is LV’s local marketing representative with BDO’s Jamil M Tromp in attendance, as the accountant and advisor, overseeing the action . . .

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March 07, 2008
Rona Coster