Locals and tourists love Amazonia Churrascaria

Patrons dining at Amazonia Churrascaria always enjoy the festive and joyful atmosphere inspired by an abundance of great food, delicious cocktails, and warm and welcoming ambiance.

George and Terry Taniewski, from New Jersey, staying at Casa del Mar, report they have been to Aruba several times and always enjoyed coming back to Amazonia Churrascaria for dinner. Joseph and Donna Moretti, also from New Jersey, staying at Hyatt Regency, have been to the island a number of times, yet it was their first time at the restaurant: “We shall return,” they pledged.

Many patrons enjoy celebrating special occasions and anniversaries at Amazonia Churrascaria among them staying at the Hyatt Regency, from North Carolina, Evan and Sheila Dewulf, who have been married for 12 happy years, on their first trip to the island and Rondley and Anoushka Calorina, on their 2nd wedding anniversary, both from Aruba, who marked the loving occasion with fantastic dinner.

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October 28, 2011
Rona Coster