Like changing rooms on the Titanic

That was the ugliest gathering, a Corona petri-dish, screaming and crowding the MinPres and her cabinet ministers, at the parliament back door, yesterday.

Thankfully, the MinPres handled it well, head bent, dressed in black, grieving, accepting and patient, otherwise it had the potential for disaster.

So sad to see the delusional, entitled, fat and spoiled members of the Sindicatonan, selfishly demanding at the top of their lungs, to be accommodated, while the ship is sinking.

Just like asking for a room upgrade on the Titanic.

Why? You’re going down, anyway!

Our ship is sinking, because the bottom fell out, we are drowning in debt, what don’t you understand about Game’s Over, we have been a wasteful and careless society for decades and we have just run out of resources.

We cannot help ourselves.

(That said, I feel for the underfunded, mismanaged and unloving way we have handled education on the island!)

You, Sindicatonan, have been living in a culture of entitlement for too long, you have a false sense of believing that you are more deserving of special treatments and circumstances than everyone else, because many of you were hired under the Friend & Family vote-getting tactics on both green and yellow governments, which gave you the illusion of power.

The gathering yesterday had green undertones, and the hateful rhetoric reflected the old GROUNDLESS divisions, flamed by politicians on both sides.

Dear Sindicatonan: The private sector of this island fed you and yours for years. It is the private sector’s money that you wasted, and now when it is your turn to support 37,000 unemployed members of that group you bulk? You kick? You scream? You lie, saying it’s not the WHAT but HOW, that enraged you?!

You are the image of solidarity but WE should have asked YOU nicely!

Just like in kindergarten.

The gathering was shameful because you are endangering Dutch support for the rest of us.

The Dutch government made it clear. It wishes to support the private sector.

It is not paying for the inflated, falsely entitled public sector.

When I looked at you, standing on top of each other, I wanted to ask you: Do you want to know why we were subject to such severe lockdown and CoVid19 restriction? Because a very high percentage of our population suffers from NCD, non communicable diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, obesity, as a result of unhealthy diets, physical inactivity, exposure to tobacco smoke and/or the excessive use of alcohol.

If Covid19 would have gotten hold of us, we would have suffered a disproportional number of deaths.

When I looked at what my colleague Arien Rasmijn called SOPI DI CORONA, I realized that you can lead a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink.

You don’t get it, and you are not going to help.

 #socialdistancing #yegafregaPEGA #coffindance #tinlugadenICU #livelaughcough

How can we make you understand that we need your collaboration, now more than ever, and that you need to get off your high horse?

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May 21, 2020
Rona Coster