Life got in the way of writing this week.

Apologies, but the dogs got vaccinated. Nothing like early morning trips to the vet. They were a major workout!

Last week the island was shocked to find out we had two teens in custody, both suspected of stabbing people they knew, to death.

The media talked about the tragic events, yet no one renounced the disrespectful style of reporting used by those who covered the stories.

The media outlet promoting itself as The First, displayed explicit photographs, a young man with black curls, handcuffed, getting arrested, a family member on the ground, lost in grief, and more. They were comfortable showing pictures, but kind enough to only print initials, and withhold full names.

Then the same media outlet covered a school search, putting the kids on full camera display.    

We talked about the ethics of journalism a number of time already, and about the race for ‘likes,’ sacrificing privacy, because there is no local law protecting kids and teen from public scrutiny.

Only common sense, which isn’t common at all.

One news personality protested the explicit handling of the materials, and he is a social influencer.

I have written about him before, but after his eloquent post — Put Yourself in Your Subject’s Shoes, I went back to his TikTok account to see what’s new.


Apparently, two brothers from Aruba, Gilmher and Jayden Croes, managed to amass 31.4M followers and 772.5M likes, doing short slapstick clips, very funny, and often clever. Both are very handsome, fit, with great hair, and awesome tats. 

The best way to describe Gilmher is ‘early Jim Carrey,’ crazy antics dipped in contortionism, as he twists and flexes his body and face to music. A silly but adorable rubber man. His brother Jayden is the perfect sidekick, the ketchup to his fries.   

The earliest clip I found dates to October 2016, then in November they already celebrated 1M followers, and you can see the whole family participates as Mom & Pop are sometimes cast as extras, and have their own followers.

Apparently, you can make a nice living singing “I Will Always Love You,” with your tonsils on deep throat display. The two talented brothers promote products, and fashions, and are paid according to my sources as much as five medium-high digit amounts, in dollars, for endorsements.

I bet they watched the Three Stooges, in Spanish, as children, and now present their own genre of physical comedy, Gilmher stubs his toe, LOL, falls fetchingly, makes Tourette syndrome noises, Jayden in a wig, in makeup, fights mock-karate, relives famous violent movie scenes, plays What’s Your Favorite Model Pose.

I spent a good 30 minutes looking at their library, it’s like spending time in an alternative universe.

Gilmher & Jayden operate indoors, at home, they do not promote the island or nature, they are urban types, but clean, no smoking, no cursing, while they are totally removed from contemporary reality or news, they produced an excellent clip following the BLM movement, I’m not black, I’m not white, I’m human!

I am now officially follower thirty-million four-hundred thousand and one.

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January 12, 2021
Rona Coster