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As I read your articles most of the time and love what you write, I just wanted to vent my frustration of the Dimas with you and if you think it is something you can write about please be my guest.

I am on my 4th working permit and it took me 2 years to get the first one. I received 2 work permits expired but I was happy that finally I was legal in Aruba. My 3rd work permit expires in Feb 2017 so I started my new request in November 2016 to make sure everything is on time. When I had it all ready and needed to turn in all the paperwork and get my stamp as proof, they told me that the rules had changed and that I need to make an appointment online, which I did. The date given to me was 5 weeks further, which took me to Dec 5, 2016, I turned in all the paperwork and got my stamp and I was happy because as a Dutch person I only need one more to go and I am done with the permits.

I had to go to Curacao for work, I am at the airport at the immigration and the lady asks if I have a permit because what she could see in the system was expired in Feb 2015??? I always carry a copy of my permit with me and showed it to the lady and she said go to the Dimas because something is wrong.

Friday morning first thing I am at the Dimas, I took a number because now even for the reception you need to take a number. I waited for an hour, when I explained what happened she said, I can see that your 4th permit is in process. When I asked when it will be ready she said maybe in March and she could not tell me, I had to take another number for that……. When I asked for the re-entry letter (because I need to travel for work and as it is expiring in February, I will need this letter) the lady tells me that they do not give letters anymore that I have to go online www.dimasaruba.com and download the re-entry form, pay AWG 40 and that this can only be used once, that every time I need to travel I will have to do the same thing. Go back to Dimas (take a number, probably wait in line for an hour or more) When I asked how long it will take to get the letter, she told me 3 to 5 days.

Then of course I have my AZV card that is linked to my work permit, hopefully I can renew that with the proof of submission of Dimas (dated stamp)

Rona, this is my 6th country I live in, I have never ever in my life had such a bad experience as here. I speak Papiamento, Dutch, English, French and Spanish and have lived in all these countries as well. Now I need to pay money for a letter because they are late with my permit! It is not about the AWG 40, it is about the principal of how they change the rules every time and make us pay or go through the hassle of waiting again for a letter. Who comes up with these rules, who is responsible?

If the story is relevant you can use it, please do, maybe it can help, anonymously please. I still need my 5th permit. I love Aruba but the certain things I will never comprehend. I only live 4 years here and to get things done is just frustrating.

After my whole adventure at the Dimas, I poured a glass of a wine, sat down at the beach and looked at the beautiful sunset and listened to the sound of the ocean, took a look at the man I love and remembered why I am here and took a deep breath, that I should be happy because a lot of people in the world have no other choice but living in war torn countries.

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January 31, 2017
Rona Coster