Let’s eat our way out of one problem!

What do we do when an invasive species of fish overpopulates our reef?

We eat it!

Aruba, I hope you’re ready to take a bite out of Lionfish!

As many of us already know, there’s far too many Lionfish on our reefs and not enough restaurants serving Lionfish on their menus.

Studies show we can eat our way out of this problem and that’s why Aruba’s Lionfish and Wine Tasting Fundraising Events got started three years ago by co – organizers Byron Boekhoudt and Castro Perez.  The two tell us, during the month of November, volunteer Lionfish hunters from Team Lionfish, Native-, Jads and Unique Divers and many others are spearing Lionfish, one at a time for Sunday’s Event.

The goal of the Fundraiser is to spread more awareness about the Lionfish invasion and to prove to our guests and island’s restaurants the health benefits of eating and serving Lionfish. The non-native fish, without natural predators, have greedy appetites thus causing an imbalance on our reefs.

Aruba Marine Park Foundation and the Wine and Dine group are encouraging all of us to get onboard and join their 3rd annual Fundraising party where five creative chefs promise to feed us 100 kilos of Lionfish Tapas paired with lots of great wine, courtesy of Romar Trading.

This year Divi’s Pure Lime Chef, Lyssette Van Der Biezen will prepare a Mexican inspired tapas and Chef Adriani Geerman of E Sushi Shap will deliver our favorite Lionfish rolls.  Other chefs include Wine and Dine Chefs Ilja Cybulski, Joost Boerman and Armando Hernandez, round up the culinary team for the event.

You can get your Lionfish and Wine Tasting party tickets at the Jolly Pirates Shop at Moomba beach for a mere Awg 50p.p.

I bought two tickets and you should too!   Be a predator. Help the environment,

Aruba needs more people to spear and eat Lionfish.

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November 22, 2016
Rona Coster