Let’s Awaken the Gods Within or Meet the Mentors

I met a group of ambitious women this week, and they jointly say: We are MENTORS who are ready to guide you to SUCCESS!

It resonated with me.

Years ago, following one of my many midlife crises I wanted to change direction, professionally. I was working then, as an employee, full time, for a successful casino, and while everyone around me was hopping, I was bored out of my mind, I did not feel an ounce of self-fulfillment. I wanted to become a member of the media, but how?

Enters a book, I am ashamed to say which, it’s such a cliché, Awaken the Giant Within, by Anthony Robbins, it was trendy at the time. The book set out to teach me to immediately take control of my mental, emotional, physical and financial destiny. I did not have to go back to school, I could skip the lobotomy, apparently, I could be helped by picking a mentor, someone who already cracked the media code, someone successful in the universe I was attempting to penetrate. The book promised that clarify will follow, if I become a good student of the right media mentor. And who is the right mentor? It was someone whose confidence and insight I wanted for myself. If I follow guidance, the book promised, I will know what to do in order to make the changes, I so desire.

It worked for me, I adopted a series of mentors, some of them never knew I was watching them like a hawk and listening to every word they said, writing down every clever trick, and adopting their secret to success.

I know I was a good student, because I became much happier, and engaged. But enough about me.

The mentors I met conduct an open session at Sfumato, Antraco Plaza, every last Thursday of the month, at 6pm, for a small charge. You are invited to join by calling /messaging tel.: 592 1510, Geraldine (Dina) Alexander.

They sit in a circle and introduce their specialties.

They are the mentors, in the fields of intimacy, relationships, and personal development, sharing the platform successblizz.com, Check out the website for a better idea.

Dina is a Secret Sexual Awareness Coach, SSACOACH on FB, she is an independent Sexinista with Entice Me, she receives male and female clients and declares that smart people get a coach, to upgrade their sexual knowledge, for lack of sex education on the island. Nothing is taboo with her and she is confident that under her guidance you will learn new things, and take your own pleasures and your partner’s pleasures to another level. Most importantly the discovery session is free.

Chanti Beke, is a sexual awareness mentor, and she talked very well about helping others grow sexually and spiritually. She is an expert in sexual energy, crystal healing and orgasmic performance. She explains that her own self-love journey made her realize the importance of self-love and self-care. Her mission is to break the taboo about talking about sex. Her services offer an opportunity to educate, in a safe environment, also provide safe products, that are truly beneficial, with Entice Me.

Nadine Krosendijk offers a special opportunity. She explains that after she experienced a miscarriage, she felt lost, disconnected from her body, and although she was slowly healing, intimacy suffered. She was re-introduced to intimacy with Dina, and can now speak freely about her feelings and her issues and concerns surrounding intimacy. She is offering an expert ear to women, men, and couples before or after childbirth, to help them sort their feelings surrounding parenthood, sexuality, their identity as a couple and having a balanced life, with mind, body, and soul, in sync.

Rendon Noel of FHH, Foundation for Men, is prepared to discuss the new and ever-changing rolls men play as sons, fathers, partners and leaders in our community.

Mervine Kock is prepared to share her knowledge regarding body image, health and fitness.

The mentors are prepared to help you find passion, reignite your spark, rediscover your body, and reintroduce intimacy back into your life.

Their specialties: LOVE, one of the necessities of life; HAPPINESS, in light of the fact that happier people live longer; SEXUALITY, as the way to release, happy hormones and improve our mood, reduce stress, relieve pain and helps us sleep; MONEY or our relationship with money, if it needs to be examined so that it is more positive, and helps us achieve our goals .

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April 03, 2023
Rona Coster