Let us make the world revolve around you!

I liked that slogan. The world should revolve around me, at least five minutes a day.

After beach cleaning last Sunday it was time for a special treat at the Ritz Carlton Spa, and I was looking forward to it the whole day. The spa recently introduced a new treatment they named the Divi Divi Massage, an 80 minute session featuring different techniques created by their house therapists, introducing unique artisanal massage oil.

I did not want to fall asleep during the treatment, or drift away and miss the entire production, so I engaged my therapist Joanne and spent my 80 minutes philosophizing about life, career choices, kids, and the nature of men, while getting my muscle tissue and fascia stretched and broadened. There were plenty of sliding and gliding stokes but what I enjoyed most was the kneading of my neck and shoulders, as Joanne successfully squeezed all my accumulated toxins from the dense stubborn back area. The word Hamburger came to my mind. Joanne was digging deeper and deeper behind my neck: Chop, grind, pound, and then it yielded. And I laughed. This girl is a magician.

Don’ hold back, she encouraged, I am going to find out about all your knots anyway, so relax, let go, I am in charge, put down your guard for now. And I did. Breathe out the stress, breathe in the calm she whispered, spraying a delicious scent into the air a mix of vanilla and eucalyptus.

How can you not love a therapist that’s strong, confident, and in charge.

The spa at the Ritz Carlton says that it delivers a new level of luxury. It does. The robes were cushy, comfy and did not leave waffle designs on my backside; the relaxation rooms was filled with the best lounges, I did not want to leave. The cookies were delicious too, paired with a tart, and not so sweet, mysterious fruit juice. I forgot to ask what it was, but I will come back from more.

I left all my pains and tension with Joanne, a knowledgeable therapist, an expert at relieving adhesions, knots and tension, the unnecessary baggage we carry along with us in our lower backs, and shoulders.

We have a ritual, she explained, a specific way of delivering service to clients, but I also go with my intuition to where the client needs it most, and I stay there, until I feel the flow of oxygen and nutrients restored. Smart.

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October 06, 2017
Rona Coster