Let these people go

Recently on a number of occasions, the undocumented persons held at the former FOL facility, broke through the roof of their dorm, climbed up, and stood singing the Venezuelan anthem, waving the flag, in protest.

Gloria al Bravo Pueblo.

If you remember, there are about 30 individuals held in that facility previously occupied by the American military surveillance outfit, and the pre-fab office building, outfitted as a make-shift holding pen, is totally inadequate in every aspect.

Most of the men have been there for six months, with nothing to do. No sport, no recreation, just left to stew, ‘until they can be deported.’

Many were picked up during TDK and Shelter in Place, and nothing.  

Nothing we can to do, the border with Venezuela is closed.

This week the MinJust sang a slightly different tune, he hinted that things are happening, perhaps a humanitarian flight and if that flight doesn’t happen they definitely MUST entertain other options.

We have the tracking bracelets available on the island with Digicel technology.

Place a bracelet on their ankle.

Advise them to come and sign in once a week, like many already do. Have a third party pay a guarantee, with the exception of criminals, let the ordinary individuals go. Their offense was the desire for a better life. It is not a crime. It is a Human Right.

Why can’t we let them go? At least the ones without any criminal charges against them.

We could of course stop picking them up, if all we can do is cage them and then have to feed them three times a day, and make sure they are Covid19 free.

That friction between detainees and the authorities made work unbearable for GNC which naturally blamed the woman at the helm. The unions complained and complained and finally managed to affect change.

A new broom Richard Kramers, was just introduced.

The press release announcing his appointment sang his praise as qualified and experienced. Welcome aboard, hope you can spearhead a more humane approach.  

The second facility of GNC in Dakota, which holds about 40 individuals, was recently in the news when we found out that the ‘improved accommodation project’ there, was given to a friend without a public tender, and consists of the crumbling sea-containers from the old Valero Men-Camp at the refinery. The MinInfra released some documents pertaining that project casting a dark shadow over the handling of funds at the Ministry of Justice.

FACT: No one really knows what the situation is because NO outside organization has access, not the Red Cross, and not any other UN refugee organization on the island. These are people, and by caging them indefinitely we are causing them mental and physical anguish.

Imagine being locked up indefinitely, no phone, no airco, no day of release?!

It could turn the most rustig person into a psycho.  

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August 15, 2020
Rona Coster