Let the Doctors Speak, Let Parliamentarians Shut Up

If you saw the hospital press conference with lung specialist Dr. Selene Kock, you would become triple cautious with Covid-19. She was very empathic, and soft spoken, yet she got the message across, big time.

She described the difficulty of being a Covid-19 patient, alone, confronted by medical teams in protective gear, then gave her audience a taste of the helplessness associated with lying in an ICU bed, face down, requiring 2 or 3 or sometimes 8 people to just be turned around.

She talked about the effect of the disease on our spongy lungs, suffering irreparable damage from chocking fibroids, she escorted the words with a hollow wooden sound effect. I understood exactly what happens to the soft tissues on my lungs, once invaded by the virus, scarring and thickening.

I also understood the stress our hospital staffers are under, as we run out of professional helping hands and resources.

Her desperate, heartfelt words conveyed a year of struggle with the disease and its cruel consequences, still misunderstood and sometimes still denied, by perhaps 70% of our population, recently also flaming an anti-vaccine sentiment.

The anti-vaccine sentiment is fueled by an anti-government, anti-authority response, that is quite normal, I think, in times of heavy-handed government control over our liberties and influence over our lives.

Personally, I am all for the vaccine, and I experienced a real sense of relief when I left the Sport Hall Santa Cruz with a band aid on my upper arm, and a stamped yellow vaccination card.

Perhaps you don’t know, but a local comedian, under Tyson’s Entertainment on FB, has been posting humorous videos, interviewing public personalities while driving around in his car.

The idea sound familiar right?

Anyway, the crude local version of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke features two manly, hairy, men in drag, Chupe & Laura, both member of the recently-formed P.U.T.A. party, one wearing an ancient straw hat, the other a plastic wig, speaking in a high pitched falsetto.

They have Member of Parliament Ricardo Croes sitting in the back seat, preaching in his usual ear-splitting shrill, how our government has a commitment to inject us all with what he calls an “experimental vaccine” that alters our DNA, so that tourism may return. Ricardo could see the altered DNA as an opportunity.

Unfortunately, the utterly stupid, moronic clip was shared 306 times in our community, generating 1.4K comments.

I believe he should be reprimanded for intentionally disseminating false information, I don’t think his spewing of falsehoods, and blatant lies, should go unnoticed.

The comedians? They are ok, making fun of the establishment, follow them on FB.

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March 25, 2021
Rona Coster