Let Common Sense Rule

I was quite content last weekend. Aruba’s borders opened with beyond-expectations results, the MinPres returned from the Netherlands having created opportunities, it rained, the garden was content, we enjoyed a crop of 12 beautiful Monarch butterflies, life was good.

Then Monday emerged and the media noise became unbearable.

Especially from the opposition benches.

They have some intelligent, well-educated people there, but instead of rolling up their sleeves and asking EWC, what can we do to help, they waste our time with misrepresentations, and dishonesties especially the former minister president, whose spending-pattern bordered on criminal.

How can he still justify the tram expense? Today, mid-pandemic, in an economic depression?

I know how, his nuts are made of steel, he is delusional.

I also listened to an excellent speech by parliamentarian Michael Lampe about collaborating, and working together, but so far all his party members have done is attempt to instigate and torpedo efforts to rebuild.

 WHEN all the noise about miscommunication, autonomy, fake or real, supposed secrecy of state documents, and the demand for respect by unionized workers quiets down, you will realize that actual cash flows, and real consistent quality work, are the only things worth respecting.

Show respect to those who pay the bill.  The private sector and businesses of Aruba, and the Dutch Government. GOA, Unions, Parliamentarians, THEY should all show US respect, and drop their false-pride misconceptions, which keep us back, and force the MinPres to keep talking, explaining the obvious.

One of the ways of showing respect, would be to cut their useless expenses dramatically and start creating real value, but that you already know, we talked about it many times.

If denial persists, the sort of media interviews and statements given by Union Leaders and immature, selfish and mean politicians, recovery will be difficult.

As we speak, the MinPres is at the Renaissance Convention Center presenting her masterplan for the new Aruba, a document which was compiled by over 100 local experts; she again explains the Dutch propositions, live on TV.

Instead of being embraced, and cheered along, she has to ‘sell’ the plan to her audience, hopefully open and receptive, but probably imprisoned by its political color. I wish her good luck. She has a big job ahead of her.

Prime Minister Mark Rutten reiterated from every platform, his intention to rebuild and invest, under strict supervision. And we direly need what he has to offer.

Alas, our own public resource capacity has been decimated.

I read through the Dutch document translation of the proposal. It spells common sense. Working towards a cost effective government, reform of public finances, a revised tax system, improved tax paying compliance, the investigation of the feasibility of dollarization, reduction of gray markets, FDA, a new investment entity, better Care and Education systems and a strong judicial and security apparatus.

The MinPres is asking the unions, where they stand, in a noble effort to be inclusive. Hopefully they will come around and for once demonstrate common sense.  



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July 15, 2020
Rona Coster