Lawyer Anouk Balentina took on GOA and won and the Book of Carnival Rules

Lawyer Anouk Balentina took on GOA and won

I don’t know how many of you read the column about whose job it is to save the environment, but it was very relevant to our situation.

CONGRATULATIONS, lawyer Anouk Balentina and the Parkietenbos neighborhood for the favorable decision of the local court.

I guess it is OUR job to save the environment since governments around the world bla-bla about the issue but don’t mean it.

So the long-suffering Parkietenbos neighborhood took GOA to court demanding the remediation of the dump issue, and the mitigation of its negative impact on several barrios, between the fumes, the flames and the stinky smell, they asked GOA to move its derriere on their behalf, and find a sustainable garbage treatment solution for the island.

GOA’s lawyer explained how hard GOA is working to overcome the challenge, so the judge gave GOA three months to implement its genius plans.

The neighborhood will be in court again in May, to monitor progress.

It’s an interesting case, says an attorney friend. Many of the same issues present, as in the Urgenda case, from a previous column:

GOA’s duty of care, and its obligation to protect life, health and wellbeing of its citizens, a lot of lip service by GOA that they are doing everything possible, without however real results.

In Urgenda’s case the supreme court clearly said that TRYING won’t cut it. Citizens have a right to demand effective protection of life, private life and wellbeing!

So, I believe the court is gonna hammer GOA with an injunction if they do not deliver in 3 months. And it’s high time for that.

The Book of Carnival Rules

The Lighting Parade is San Nicholas was fantastic, full of good vibes, music, dancing, and orderly conduct, in the parade. Apparently we had some disorderly conduct on the sidelines, but not on the inside, and the best thing about the evening was its pace. The Lighting Parade is SN moved, we were shuffling away in good tempo, while the Lighting Parade in Oranjestad crawled lifelessly.

My media friends say that the Lighting Parade in Oranjestad lost its luster, and the once-mighty-spectacle was the recipient of severe criticism in radio stations and on social media.

It was the shadow of itself. And the spectacular exceptions within that parade only highlighted the fact of its being overall dull.

I understand from some group leaders that an initiative just started to write to book of Carnival Rules and Standards, and the goal is to present SMAC with a bible of sort, filled with regulations to adhere to, so that participants know what’s expected of them when they sign up for the experience.

It is an expense, and if you can’t afford it, no sweat, signed up for the more affordable Lighting Parade in SN. But if you sign up for town, then you have to show us your feathers!

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February 22, 2020
Rona Coster