Lava Aruba Glass Studio brings the magic and mastery of glassblowing art to Aruba.

Lava Aruba Glass Studio is an incredible new addition to the list of island attractions, promising to become a much-visited landmark, as much as the Aruba Aloe factory, or even Baby Beach.

Lava Aruba Glass Studio features a Glass Blowing Studio with the latest in furnace technology manned by master artisans from Italy, a gorgeous museum style gallery filled to the brim with colorful, beautiful, art objects and a charming Italian Café, all operating in a striking new building on the boulevard, Caya Harmonia 4.

The project was born about five years ago, when Fulvio and his son Bruno, both members of the Ava Ibarra family came to Aruba and decided to introduce the island to Murano Glass works of art, sculptures, figurines, vases, glassware, accessories, home décor pieces, and jewelry.

Their family had operated a successful Murano Glass studio for the past 65 years, in Venezuela – ICET Arte Murano, since 1957, and the father and son artisan-entrepreneurs decided the time has come to expand, grow their reach and gain visibility in the Caribbean.

Having checked out a number of islands, they became convinced that Aruba is best, ready to welcome the unique creations, born in Venice, Italy, on the island of Murano. That beautiful glass processing brand name was created in the 13th century, and spread around the world. It is now positioned to conquer hearts in Aruba.

Murano Glass is the umbrella name for Venetian Glass objects, yet every artisan develops his own style of glass blowing, over time. While the Phoenicians invented the technic of glass blowing around the first century BC, the Murano Island in Venice perfected it and made it famous, playing a vital role in that industry for hundreds of years.

Each item displayed in the Lava Aruba Glass Studio Gallery is made by hand, by a highly skilled artisan, with ‘good hands,’ the artistic flair and imagination required to form something truly flawless.

The studio is now open, locals and visitors are invited to check it out, from 9am

According to Bruno, who now lives here, with his wife, raising a pair of Aruban-born twins, with the gifted hands of artists and equipment brought from Italy, we brought the magic of this beautiful art to thousands of Venezuelan homes, introducing elegance, beauty, and style for many years. Today our tradition and decade-long experience come to Aruba, promising to become a unique experience, always at the forefront of the glassblowing industry.

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November 21, 2022
Rona Coster