Launching today: When in Aruba TV

With the pandemic, and the virus-phobia, magazines became irrelevant, perhaps just temporarily, and you could say that we went out of business with the magazines we were producing since 2002.

I told the dogs they had nothing to worry about, I will not remain unemployed for long, my business partner Tina Bislick is a fountain of ideas and she will deliver a brilliant solution to that no-work challenge.

She did.

Let’s transition to TV she said, let’s create an in-room dedicated channel, shown at the resorts we were previously providing with magazines.

We are story-tellers, we can switch mediums, she stated with great confidence.

Tina recruited film maker Ken Wolff, of Wolff & Co. Studio, and over the past months, they have produced 4 features, San Nicholas Food & Culture, Bird Watching with Armando Goedgedrag, Deep Sea Diving with expats living and working on Aruba, and the Farm to Table movement, here.

It’s called ‘content,’ and content is king. We could sell some adz around that content, and the Aruba Timeshare Association endorsed the idea, yes, we could have a channel.

Tina went to work. In addition to the four features, in collaboration with our veteran, brilliant photographer Steve Keith and the incredibly talented, videographer, Tyler Cavallaro, they shot and edited FIFTEEN hotel infomercials, as well as original commercials for clients who were ready to advertise their businesses, and push their recovery further along.

Today, this body of work will be projected on the giant screen of Gloria, at our island-wide premier, with perhaps 100 people in attendance. Something to be proud of.

The hour-long program will go on line at our client-resorts, in the next week, it will run on a loop, 24/7.

Our first feature is very charming. Shot in San Nicolas with narrator Michael Bislick, of course Tina’s husband, it is about 9 minutes long. You wouldn’t believe how authentic and genuine Michael sounds when he speaks about his native town. Michael has breakfast at Gallo Rojo, plays domino Bao Palo, has a Chill with his good friend Elton Hart, visits Grote Berg Snacks for a mouthwatering Johnny Cake with salt fish, then heads to Kamini’s Kitchen for some cabrito. At the end of the afternoon he swings by Saco di Felipe to get a treat to go, for his wife. He then rides into the sunset in his vintage 1950 Pontiac Catalina!

Bird Watching with Armando is more lyrical and mystical. It was shot during the rainy season and you will not believe how gorgeous Aruba is, how green and how lush. The crew visited Balashi, Spanish Lagoon, and the Bubali Bird Sanctuary, and captured magical winged visitors, in flight, at lunch, and at rest, with Armando as the perfect National Geographic guide.

The third feature shown today stars Vasco Baselli, the GM of the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino, Romeo Penacino, the executive chef of the Marriott, and Susana de La Oliva, director of events, at the Ritz Carlton Aruba. The trio goes diving on a Saturday morning, on a Red Sail Sports boat. Their interaction and their underwater footage is extraordinary, and the film includes footage shot by Vasco, Romeo and Armando, you will love it. It is fantastic.

What’s the idea? We wanted to present our visitors with something interesting to watch in their hotel rooms, something that would compel them to explore our island, with great respect for our nature and our culture.

Should you decide to advertise on When In Aruba TV, streamed into 5,000 hotel rooms, give me a call. Tina and her crew will proudly help produce your commercial.

The list of thank-yous is long, you know who you are. THANK YOU.




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July 08, 2021
Rona Coster