Salary subsidy will be late in August. GOA has not made any announcement, SVB did, poco poco, hinting over the past few days.

Finally, yesterday the news broke, the August salary subsidies will be LATE, employers may register to receive it from Aug 21st to 27th, then payments will be made starting the 31st.

I cannot even begin to think about the pain and confusion this will cause when mortgages and car payments default, and when locals have to wait another full week for their money to get there. People who usually get paid after the 20th, have 2 additional weeks to wait!

I pray parliamentarians also get their paychecks late.

While in principle the MinPres doesn’t require parliamentary endorsement to finally sign the Dutch-aid documents – so that parliamentarians can get paid and GOA’s expenses covered –she needs them in the long run when the agreement must be translated into legislation, enacted by parliament.

So, the waiting game continues.

And mind you, Dutch-aid is designed to cover GOA expenses, while you and I, we will have to eke out an existence from what is left of our slashed and burned economy.

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August 21, 2020
Rona Coster