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What’s happening at Fishermen’s Huts?

Local families were concerned this week over some mysterious sea containers which appear to now be part of Fisherman’s Hut, three or four of them, enclosing a U shape space, facing the ocean.

The containers were taking up their beloved camping site.

I saw the containers a few days ago, and asked what was happening. I was told the following.

Four watersports companies already operating at Fishermen’s Huts have been asked to relocated within the same area, they have each been allotted a certain number of meters, and Armando’s kit shack was fast to claim his real estate first, by plopping some steel containers on the area.

The other operators, Aruba Active Vacation with Wim Eelens and Windsurfing Aruba with Jeroen Westrate have not made a move, yet. But they have all been given permits to claim areas of Fishermen’s Huts as their business locations, and have been licensed to exploit them.

Wim tell me he is willing to invest to make the place beautiful, no more crumbling trailers and rusty containers, but GOA doesn’t allow for any construction, everything must remain movable, so sea containers seem to be it.

Is there a plan, I asked?

Is there a rendering of what it will look like when done?

Do they have guidelines as to what their business should look like?


But it is according to the ROP, and we shouldn’t worry. Really?!

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October 18, 2018
Rona Coster