La Poderosa and Island Finance

Carolina La Poderosa di Patruya #37

Every once in a while a juicy story comes along, juicy not because it is titillating or naughty, but because it reminds me how country-bumpkinish Aruba is.

Once upon a time, two curvy ladies of Venezuelan origin arrived on the island with the express desire to make friends, fast.

We first heard about them, and especially the raven-haired Carolina, all boobs over a narrow waist, red nails too, when a video of two star-struck local Policemen, patrol car #37, was secretly filmed having a googoo-gaga encounter with the two foxes, body language revealing hot flirtation – the sauce of life.

The girls needed a hand. Or perhaps they just needed a ride.

The video stirred a commotion, accusing the chief of Police of losing control over his troops, who abandon focus in view of boobs, hair, and nails, tightly packed into skin-tight leggings. If he couldn’t keep patrol #37 in line, he must be losing his grip.

The two men were suspended. One of them won his case in court, but his suspension was extended, we don’t know exactly why, we lost track, this business of public-sector investigation is lengthy and takes years to resolve.

The ladies were somehow picked up by Guarda Nos Costa, GNC, and stood in front of a judge for deportation, when the judge discovered Carolina had an asylum case pending.

That fresh and spunky chica COULDN’T be deported.

Leaving the court-room she unleashed a number of cheeky FB videos nicknaming herself La Poderosa, the powerful one, and boasting she was Teflon coated and un-deportable. Just silly, bravado.

Aruba started referring to her as Carolina La Poderosa di Patruya #37 on social media and in the news, she became a celebrity.

I guess it pissed some people off.

GNC fast-tracked her asylum hearing, denied it, and went looking for her.

They found La Poderosa in line at the AIRPORT, leaving the county on her own accord, voluntarily, via Colombia.

But that was not good enough for the resentful GNC chief, she dragged La Poderosa out of line, delayed the plane to retrieve her luggage and take it off, and hauled her butt to the detention center because SHE wanted to DEPORT her for making a mockery of our system, and for ridiculing our laws, she aimed at slapping her with a personae non grata status, bottom line, the girl couldn’t just leave, we needed to add drama to the production, capped by a video clip where the GNC chief pontificates that disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. 

I am usually with the chief, she is a hard worker, but that was petty and ridiculous, and how did she get away with this kind of behavior?

Needless to say, the judge threw it out. That fresh and spunky chica COULDN’T be deported, she was leaving on her own accord when GNC grabbed her, and she earnestly declared her intentions to leave. Moreover, she complied with weekly reporting and it’s not her fault the border is closed.

Besides, my Legal-Eagle friends point out, she was NOT illegal here, she had an open asylum process, which was denied, and when she wanted to leave the GNC chief PREVENTED her from doing so, so she couldn’t be labeled persona non grata.

GNC was just pandering to the masses in the treatment of La Poderosa. Making her a so-called example. But by mishandling the case all similar chicas learned a great deal about how our system does, and doesn’t work.

We have no flights. Venezuela will not permit any air traffic, and you cannot deport anyone via Colombia.

Bottomline: The saga of Carolina La Poderosa di Patruya #37, isn’t over. I like that girl and wish her well, she should use her wit and resourcefulness to make something of herself.

Island Finance, highway robbery

My learned-friends report that many debt collection cases on the island are frozen. Apparently, they are all waiting for one case to break. The case has to do with Island Finance, attempting to collect on a debt charged at 27.5% interest.



Most of these loans were made to cover funeral expenses of loved ones, and other unexpected charges, as well as frivolous Carnival and/or Holy Communion expenses.

There will be an appeal of a verdict heard by judges from Curacao, soon, creating a precedent, a juris prudence, as to how to deal with debt collection, and whether the ridiculous interest of 27.5% by Island Finance is legit. A lot of people owe Island Finance, and everyone’s case is hanging on that one, that would rule their fate.

Island Finance #ripoff #Scam #highwayrobbery #preyingontheweak

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May 18, 2020
Rona Coster